A Dogs Favorite Past Time Can Actually Help Them

A Dogs Favorite Pastime Can actually Help Them

Chew, Chew, Chew

Do you have one of those dogs that chews on everything? Even if you don’t, I have never seen a dog that wouldn’t chew on something. That’s what they do! I was once asked, do you know why dogs chew on sticks? The reply was, because they are so good at it!

Whether your dog chews destructively or not, they do like to do it. The best thing you can do is give them something they are allowed to chew. A variety is better. They do like to switch it up every now and again. Make it to where they can choose what they chew on but are allowed to.

What To Chew

So many table legs, so little time. That is typically where you end up if you do not provide an avenue for them to use that energy on something they are allowed to. Why not give them a few things to choose from? You should be selective in your choice. Some toys, even ones that claim to be chew toys, should never be given to a dog. Some plastic or cloth toys are shredded in moments and in the dogs digestive system. That can be bad for the dog and even end up a trip to the vet.

Some hard plastic or rubbery materials are OK but you have to really inspect them for durability. A lot of this type, even if they do get pieces off they are small and non digestible so they will pass right on through. Is that a chance you really want to take?

There have been arguments back and forth on the rawhide, bones, and bully sticks. Again, you have to do some research. That is the point of this blog and this website. I have spent some time looking at the different ones that are available and read reviews to come up with some choices that are safe and actually good for a dog. Then I got some and let the dogs decide. They liked them all!

All Natural Is Good

I grew up living in the country. I have had dogs my whole life. I have seen them chew on some things that would make your stomach turn. Yet, they seemed to be fine with that. In fact, one of the oldest dogs I ever had done what ever, where ever he wanted. With that in mind, you have to remember it was out in the sticks. There was nothing processed, made of plastic, or fabricated in some factory.

I think this is where all the arguments come from on the rawhide, bones, and bully sticks came from. There are a lot of them that are processed in order to give them durability, flavor, or a certain smell. It isn’t the rawhide or bone that is bad. It’s what is put in it.

Best Bully Sticks

The name says it all. What I have found is my dogs love rawhide and natural bones. They will chew on other products but if given the choice they do have a favorite. The ones I have found are actually called Best Bully Sticks. The folks that make them take great pride in the process’ they use to keep them all natural and safe for dogs to chew.

They make all kinds of them. Curly Bully, Braided Bully, short and long Bully, Pretzel Bully to name a few. They also have a wide variety of natural bone, cartilage, and ear pieces that are actually good for a dog to chew.

I’m Here To Tell You

These are the best I found. My dogs love them. I think yours would too. These are all made from free-range, American, matured cattle. Carefully following a family recipe to avoid any chemical process in the US of A. Best Bully Sticks for dogs are made of all natural ingredients just like what I was talking about before. These treats can occupy the most avid chewer and its good for their dental hygiene. The activity they get from chewing these can relieve tension and provide a small bit of exercise.

Here are a few that I recommend. As you can see they make these to suit any size dog.

6 in. Bully Stick

I want this one!

Braided Bully
Knuckle Bone

And I’ll have one of those

So leave it to the proffesionals! Its good for them!

As always, Would love to have a pic of your coolest dog on the planet to add to the gallery.
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12 thoughts on “A Dogs Favorite Past Time Can Actually Help Them”

  1. Hi
    I love this post about finding a dog past time. I have a pit bull who loves to chew on bones. I never heard of Bully Sticks for dogs. However, I was excited after reading this post that I’m going to find these sticks for my dog today. Thanks for recommending and sharing this product.

  2. I appreciate dogs, from a distance. I have had a few as pets but don’t like the idea of them jumping all over me in excited greetings. When it comes to their constant chewing, I am of the opinion that this comes as a result of what we give them to eat. So, if we are meat lovers and throw a large bone to them after we are through with it, they chew on that because they receive nutrition from it. Yes, there are those that chew on sticks and other material, but I’ve found that this is not a habit common to all dogs. Instead, in my view, it’s as a result of our unconsciously conditioning them to do so by always throwing them something to chew on and waiting to see them get into it. They reward our desire. 

    • Russell,

      I am sure there are those cases where dogs are misunderstood and even mistreated. That is why I have started this blog. I am hoping this will reach some one out there that is enlightened in some way and changes something they do to make that dogs life a little better. As far as unconsciously conditioning them, I won’t disagree. Another goal of mine is to elevate the consciousness of those who are not aware and improve the outlook on a dogs life. 

      Thanks for the comment! 

  3. First off, you are quite the writer and then seeing that you talk about some of the most beautiful kinds of creature is just a perfect merge as I have utterly enjoyed this read so much and that’s all thanks to you. This one served as a good read for me and I will make sure that I share it with my other dog loving friends so we can learn a thing or two from it.

    • Outstanding comment Jay! You have read into the goal of this blog. My intent is to reach as many as possible in hopes to some way, shape, or form, make the life better for one of the coolest dogs out there!

  4. Oh I love your post  and dogs indeed need to chew on something. If you do not provide them with something that they are allowed to chew, they will find something that you regard as precious, to chew on. Be it the new pair of shoes or sandals, or your favorite slippers, or in my friend’s case, her husband’s new wet suit! A bit more expensive than a bag of bully sticks! 

    We have always given our dogs, when they were puppies, bits of firewood to chew on, and they have loved it. There is nothing better than a stick or a log that was meant for the fire to get them chewing. We are fortunate enough to live on a big property with lots of pine trees, and our dogs have always loved finding the pine cones and chewing them. And those pine nuts are healthy as well.

    • Thank you for the kind words! I always love to hear that there is a dog out there that lives with someone who understands them. I think we could eat pine nuts for nutrition too, they just don’t taste that well to me! 

      Bully sticks aren’t bad though, just get stuck in my teeth! Just kidding:)

  5. We have three dogs. All small dogs. When they were puppies they liked to chew all the time, We used to give them raw hide to chew. Those didn’t last for too long. As they grew older we gave them bones to chew. More specifically pork and beef ribs. 

    Frankly, now that they are much older, they don’t chew much of anything. Of course, they all love to chew bones. 

    We are fortunate that they have left the furniture alone. It is our cats who chew the wood on the legs of tables and chairs. Now if there was something for cats to chew on that would be awesome. 


    • Hello Edwin, 

      My dogs love the rawhide also. We have bones, antlers, and a few other toys they like to choose from. You do have to stay on top of the rawhide threats. They can go through them. Luckily, the Best Bully Stick I use come in a 50 pack! Check this out, https://www.bestbullysticks.co

      Cats have been brought up several times, maybe I will venture in to the cat kingdom in the future. I am sure they do make something for them to chew. I am just not aware.

      Thanks for the comment!

  6. Wow! what an eye opener. I have been letting the dogs play with my chairs for a while now because whenever i try to stop them, they just go back to it. I lost that furniture, but seeing you talk on the bully sticks, i think i will stop by the dogs shop on my way to the office and get some for my dog. I appreciate the information you shared.

    • Lucas, 

      I too have lost furniture, well made some pretty extensive repairs! As far as the bully sticks, they are a good product. Safe for the dogs and they will love them! The trick is, helping the dogs to understand they are allowed to chew on those and not the furniture. Persistence and kindness is key.

      If you catch them, do not scald them. Simply move the chair and place a bully stick there. After that, place a bully stick near the chair repeatedly, then slowly over time move the stick away from the chair until it is their choice to take the stick over the chair. Just a suggestion, there are several ways to handle this behavior. They are doing what they think is good for them. 

      It takes time, in the end it is worth it. When they finally get it and you can see they understand. 

      I wish you and your dogs the best!



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