A Few Tips For Training Your Dog

Leaps and bounds in getting your dog’s attention.

Training Your Dog

I think most people are under the same impression I was when I started this out. I have had a dog or more my entire life. They were all different in their own ways. Just like everyone else I had the desire for the basics with them understanding simple obedience and having one that pays attention.

Everyone wants their dog to listen when they need them to. You start with the normal ones, sit, shake, rollover, and even play dead. These are usually to please us when playing or trying to get them help when performing normal chores that come with a dog.

Of course, if you are starting from fresh with a new puppy this can be more challenging at first. You have to train them to not go in the house, not chew on everything in sight, and things that as far as they know they are supposed to do. That is what makes this more challenging. Not to mention they are just babies, they simply do not understand yet.

Whether you are training a puppy or an older dog, it all starts from the beginning. The information in this article may help you from the start or help you realize there are some things you have missed and it’s time to start from the beginning. They will not lose what they already know. It is really just training for the trainer, it is you that is starting over to get more and better results.

This Is Why I Say This

As said earlier, having a dog that pays attention. It is oftentimes the most frustrating part when trying to teach your dog a new trick. It doesn’t matter if it is a trick, obedience, or a command that could actually keep them from harm if out in public. It is the part that I myself have overlooked. You have to teach them specifically to pay attention to you. It is what I mean by starting over.

When you start to notice eye contact, you will see what I mean. You can tell by the look on their face when they are paying attention to you. This is the task to focus on. It makes everything else easier.

I have learned from Adrienne’s Brain Training For Dogs that this is the step I was missing from the beginning. I was trying to train my dogs’ different things and would get frustrated because they weren’t paying attention. I did not realize I had to teach them how to do that.

In preparing to write this article, doing my research I discovered there are not a lot of people searching for this information. It goes against all of my training in how to build a website but my intent is to help all the coolest dogs’ on the planet! So, I am doing this anyway in hopes to reach out and help as many people as I can. It is information they don’t know they need, just like me!
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What I Have Learned

There are real reasons your dog ignores your commands. I am going to give you a few tips to help you overcome those reasons. If your dog is not paying attention at all, do not repeat it over and over expecting a different result. (That could be technically considered insane) Take a break and consider the following things.

What is in it for the dog? Do you use treats to reward them? Are you using the right treat?

According to the association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), the right treat can really make a difference between a dog who is eager to work and one who couldn’t care less. Contrary to popular belief, they are not just there to please us.

There are so many kinds of treats available. Don’t use their normal kibble or a cheap crusty old biscuit. Find something that is worth working for. From what I have read, one of the most beneficial would be Freeze-dried liver.

What is in it for the dog? Are they being rewarded enough? Is there something more interesting to the dog?

When starting out it is hard to get this attention due to the number of distractions (SQUIRREL!!). It could be as simple as the dog finding sniffing the grass or pulling the leash more rewarding than what you are doing. You must reinforce rewarding with learning with dogs’. Give rewards for absolutely every success all the time. You can break them into pieces, the reward is not a full belly.

Is it too much for the dog? Can the dog get what you are teaching? Can it be made easier for the dog?

Sometimes we think a simple task is a simple task. You have to consider the dog just doesn’t have the ability to process a compound sentence. Break things down for them. Try taking whatever it is you want to teach them and break it into smaller pieces and teach them one at a time. Then once they have all the steps down, put them together. remember to reward them for trying, the goal is to get them to want to do it, then do what you want.

Can the dog understand? Is the command clear? Is the command the same?

Dogs thrive on consistency, so make sure you are always using the same command for each task. You also have to make sure whoever is involved uses the same command. If you say “come” and your kids say “here”, this will be confusing to the dog. Do not ask for the same response in multiple ways.

Is the dog scared? Is the dog getting mixed signals? Is the dog happy?

Always pay attention to the dogs’ mood. They are masters of reading body language. If you have had a bad day or something has happened to you that may offset your mood, the dog will recognize it. If you are getting frustrated with the training itself and the dogs’ response. It is time to take a break. Always end it on a positive note. You can come back later once you and the dog have cooled down and if it ended on something positive they may be more interested in completing the task.

Training Your Dog Will Take Time

Another thing I have learned over the years with training multiple dogs’ is it never happens overnight. It takes dedication and time. All I wish is to help people understand this and provide tools to make it easier, more productive, and best for the coolest dogs on the planet.

I have learned a lot from using Adrienne’s Brain Training For Dogs. I think this would be an advantage to anyone who has the intent to train their own dog. You can access her dog training course by clicking any of the links or banners on this page. If you do go to the right of this page, you can also sign up and get a free training example that will help you to get your dog to pay attention to you.

It is where I started and this is what made me realize I had never spent enough time teaching them this specific task. It has done wonders in helping them in the rest of their training.

Hope This Helps

As always, my goal in this entire effort is to help all the coolest dogs’ on the planet. I thank you for your time and if you have enjoyed this article there are many more on groomydude.com for you to check out. I am an affiliate marketer and have plenty of links to make it easy for you to get anything you need for your dogs’. In the articles, I have some information that may even help you understand what it is you need for your dogs’.

Feel free to click around and check them all out! I hope this helps and good luck helping your dog pay attention to you. This one task if mastered could be the difference in your dogs’ behavior that changes everything.

Thank you!


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  1. Getting to train a pet dog is a very interesting activity. I enjoy every bit of it as I get to see how intelligent dogs can be. I have very little knowledge on what it takes to train a dog. Reading this article have increased my knowledge and this will in the long run help me train my family’s pet dog even better.

    • Yes it certainly is an effort! I have learned so much from this training course. Understanding how to take the proper steps will multiply the results. It is more fun and rewarding for you and the dog. 


  2. For me, Getting to train my dog is a very nice activity although I don’t do it all the time but when I do I always get very significant results as it really help my dog understand it environment and also how to deal with certain situations especially when it comes to strangers.

    • Hi David, 

      I think a lot of people do enjoy the process of training their dogs. It is usually fun. The most rewarding part to me is the connection it builds. If you focus on the part I was referring to on getting them to pay attention to you, you will find that everything else becomes easier. 

      This is the key part I was missing when I was just winging it. If one is really interested in unlocking the hidden intelligence of their dog they should fill out the form in the sidebar and get the free airplane game. This will give you access to the best dog training course on the planet. 



  3. Hello there!

    You’ve got an amazing piece there with some very helpful tips on training ones dog. I feel like this article was actually written for me because I really needed the knowledge I got from this article. This is so because I have been thinking of getting myself a dog for a pet but the thought of how to train it has got me reluctant on buying one.

    Thanks for providing those helpful tips.

    • Hi, 

      It is overwhelming at times if you don’t have any background knowledge on the subject. I do recommend adding a dog to any family! They are just great! I do recommend looking into it a bit before you chose. Go to Benefits Of Owning A Dog and do a bit of research. There is a lot to know before you go. 

      Also, if you have decided to get a dog, you may want to fill out the form on the sidebar. I will then be able to keep in touch with updates and offers but most importantly you will have access to what in my opinion, is the best dog training course on the market. 

      This is kind of like training the trainer. You can always do better with someone helping you to understand!




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