Benefits To Owning A Dog

Don’t underestimate the benefits of owning a dog!Adopt A Dog

If You Have Never Owned A Dog

How can you know what you are missing? Has social engagement been an issue lately? This whole COVID thing got you down? Or anything else has you feeling like there is something missing? There are so many things that owning a dog can help. If you have never owned a dog you can not know what you are missing.

I am hoping to help understand some of these benefits. My goal on this site is to improve the lives of all the coolest dogs on the planet. If people benefit from it too, wouldn’t that be great!

Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog

Folks who have never owned a dog just can’t know how much they enrich your life. Not only can you improve the life of a dog it can help you too. There has been much research done to back it up, dogs make people happy. I am not going to spend the time regurgitating statistics but it’s true.

Owning a dog can improve one’s mental health. There are programs where they use dogs to visit folks with health issues to improve their mood. Not only does this make them happy, but it can also speed up or improve their healing process.

List of Benefits Of Owning A Dog

I did not go through the statistics that back all of this up but I will list some of the actual benefits people receive from having a best friend.

  • LOVE – Mutual and unconditional love. It never stops and it’s free!
  • COMPANIONSHIP – Unlike cats, a dog always wants to be with you! If properly trained, they will stay with you where ever you go and they will always listen.
  • EXERCISE – Exercising your dog is also good for you!
  • WARMTH AND CUDDLES – Not only is this comforting it could save you some dough on those chilly nights.
  • SECURITY – Dogs are naturally protective and normally vocal. Most people think of a big dog as added security or protection but even a small dog being vocal can alert you of an intruder.
  • ENTERTAINMENT – Dogs love to steal the show with their antics. With a little training, they can be your favorite party trick.
  • PHYSICAL HEALTH – They sometimes help you get more exercise than you intended. They love a regular schedule, this can help you maintain a regular schedule too. Which is good for you. If you pay attention to them, they can usually sense an underlying illness. Some are actually trained to sniff out things more severe like cancer.
  • EMOTIONAL HEALTH – I have said it before and will say it again, dogs make you happy!
  • EXCUSE – You can always use them for an excuse to get out of things you just don’t want to do.

Shall I Go On

These are just a few things that I consider a benefit to owning a dog. They are such a wonderful addition to any family. You can probably see how they can benefit just from the list I have given here and this is just scratching the surface.

I could go on and on but I think the best thing to do would be to visit a few more of my posts, take some time to really think about the responsibilities of owning a dog, and make an educated decision on what dog would best fit your lifestyle.

A few posts I recommend are How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need, Regular Grooming For Dogs with Long Hair, and Foods A Dog Should Not Eat. There is content in these that will help you understand the dog’s needs when considering the breed and size of one you would add to your family. There is also a lot of information one should know to properly care for a dog in OTC Medications For Dogs and Pet Vaccinations.

Be Smart, Be Kind, And Find A Dog To Love

Again, my goal is to reach as many people as I can to help them understand the needs of their dogs and improve the lives of all the coolest dogs on the planet.

I hope you have found this site to be helpful and continue to come back. I will continue to add information that can be helpful and provide an avenue for all of your dog’s needs. There are several affiliate links throughout this site that you can use to provide for your dog. I have a list of recommended items but leave you the freedom to make a personal choice.

Please remember, it does not cost any more to purchase through this site and it does help compensate me for my time in doing this research and helping others. In some cases I can save you money through the affiliation I have with these companies.

As always, I would love to have a pic of your coolest dog on the planet to add to the gallery. Just remember to tell me their name.

4 thoughts on “Benefits To Owning A Dog”

  1. Thanks for writing this article to expatiate on the benefits of owning a dog. There is so much to gain in owning a dog. A dog can be a companion, a protector and even more. More and more, owning a dog can be very fun and can help to bring out one’s caring nature. 

    • Hi, 
      I couldn’t imagine my life without my pups. They bring me so much joy. I don’t even emphasize the additional be if it’s as they should be too. 
      I hope many people find this and add a dog to their family. 


  2. Thanks for helping me understand that dog ownership could help you secure your property from intruders while they give you companionship! My friend suddenly got curious about adopting a puppy after watching a movie that featured a heroic dog. I hope this could convince him further to adopt a pet during these tough times!

    • Hi Zachary,

      If there is not enough reason in this article, I will try to help by sharing my thoughts. I have owned at least one dog my entire life. I will put it out there up front, there are responsibilities, it is a commitment to care for and love the dogs you have. I know from experience all of this is nothing compared to the benefits one receives from the companionship of a dog.

      I will also add, if you put in the work to investigate and learn a bit about them, behavior, speaking their language, and understanding how to provide the best life for your coolest dog on the planet, you will both be rewarded with a relationship that is equaled by no other!

      There are a few things I will recommend to help with this. I will share a couple of articles I have on this site with some background to help.

      Let’s Bark About Love: At the bottom of this article, there is an offer for a book How to Speak Dog: A Guide To Decoding Dog Language. It is intended to help children understand how to interact with a dog but the information and guidelines are invaluable to all!

      A few Tips For Training Your Dog: This article has tips on training and a resource for the most comprehensive, professional course for training your own dog. Brain Training For Dogs

      Thanks for visiting! If you or your friend have any questions or need help with your pooch just reach out! I am glad to help!


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