My opinion on Jax n Daisy Shampoo

My opinion on Jax n Daisy Shampoo

Bathing Dog

Do You Want Your Dog To Be Clean

Hi, I hope this reaches the folks with some of the coolest dogs on the planet!

If you are looking out for your dog, feeding, playing, grooming, and all the fun stuff. You will most likely at some point be bathing your dog at home. This can be a chore in it self. I have tried so many different ways to do this and it is usually enjoyable but can be back breaking work.

I have done this inside, in the tub. I have done this outside, in the grass, in a kids pool, even in the pond. There are several ways to do this. There are several tools to help make it easier on you and more comfy for the dog. Any way you decide works for you and your pooch is good. That means you want your dog to be clean!

Dog Bathing Supplies

If you want your dog to be clean, you most likely will be investing in some additional dog bathing supplies. This may include, a scrubbing brush, gloves, apron, special sprayers, I have even found a tub on legs that elevates the dog and makes it much easier on you. When bathing your dog, do what you need to to make it easier on you so it gets done more often.

Bathing your dog often will help with so many things. It first keeps them clean and smelling good. It can also help prevent fungus, parasites, dandruff, and other skin issues. If done right and regularly, it makes grooming easier also. Especially if you are grooming a dog with long hair.

One has to consider the dogs needs again. It is great to keep them clean, smelling good, keep skin conditions and all that in check. I am just asking for you to pay attention to the dog and the products used to make sure it does not cause discomfort or issues from bathing.

This is where the research comes in to play. With all the varieties of dog bathing supplies that are out there it would be nearly impossible to research all of them completely.

My Turn

I am not going to discredit any other product out there in this article. My goal is to help you save time and money when getting the things you need to bath your dog at home by having done some research for you. I have used many different kinds of dog shampoo. This ranges from the cheapest I could find to some prescribed, medicated shampoos from the vet. I have done research on line, talked to the vet, asked a couple of groomers, and even tried it on myself.


I have two dogs that have fairly long hair. They need attention pretty regularly to keep them manageable. All and all they are pretty easy. They behave well when groomed. They are younger and don’t really have any issues. I also have a Yorkie who is getting long in the tooth. She is the one I have had the most struggle finding items that work. She has a chicken allergies so we have to find food that she can eat without breaking her out. Along with that I have found some shampoos help with her itching and irritation better than others.

My Suggestion

Check these products out! JaxnDaisy Shampoos are some of the most natural products I have found that do the job. The individual that started the product line actually started by making essential oils and bathing products for her own use. This has evolved into a product that includes a lot of natural products that include some of the following. Lemon oil, Witch Hazel, Lavender, Rosemary, Avocado, & Grape Seed Oil.

These products give a good foundation for conditioning and soothing the dogs skin and leaving them smelling good.

There are a few products available in this line to choose from to meet your appeal. They are Flea n Tick, Sweet as Honey, Paw-Paya, and Don’t Let Your Dog Itch.

Flea n Tick Sweet as Honey Paw Paya


Sweet as Honey has an aromatic, sweet smell like a sugary treat. Nice mixture of the essential oils for long lasting sent.

Paw-Paya has a more tranquil aroma. It has a more relaxing, tropical smell. I am thinking more of the lemon oil for a touch of citrus which has very good anti-fungal properties.

Don’t Let Your Dog Itch has a nice mixture of the Lemon Oil, Witch Hazel, Lavender, and Rosemary that helps with soothing the dog who has irritated skin. Also offered in a two pack with a lotion for treating hot spots.

Flea and Tick smells better than your average flea and tick shampoo. It also has no Pyrethrins or harsh chemicals but still kills fleas, ticks, eggs, and larvae on contact. It is infused with vitamin E to leave the skin soft and shiny. This stuff is so good they have a hard time keeping it in stock.

Good Stuff

I am not trying to claim this to be completely all natural. They have done the best they can and still have a product that works. There are some products in the shampoo that gives it the characteristics it needs to clean away dirt and grime. A lot of the anti fungal properties are from the essential oils but the suds are from the properties that make it shampoo. Check out the ingredients here.

The main active ingredient is Chlorohexadine Gluconate. This is used and is proven 99% successful on issues such as acne, eczema, and other types of dermatitis.

Try it out, it works. And if not, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee (excluding gallons).

Wash Away

I do hope this helps! I am promoting a good product here for the benefit of all the coolest dogs out there. so, Fill up the tub, scrub a dub dub, and have some fun!

If you are interested, please remember, it does not cost you any more to purchase through this site. It will redirect you to an affiliate link and in some cases you get a discount from that. If you do the little guy gets a small commission even if you choose to purchase a different product.

As always, I would love to get a pic of your cool dog! Visit the Gallery and email me a photo to publish on this site!

Feel free to ask questions or leave comment supporting the use of this product.



14 thoughts on “My opinion on Jax n Daisy Shampoo”

  1. Hello Chad, it’s really cool to see how we all I’m at to have a clean dog in the house and mine is one that loves to pay a lot and that gets him really dirty and some times there is no really trusted soap to clean him up. I wouldn’t mind getting this products and use for him. He really love to bathe and maybe that’s why he always gets himself dirty 

    • Justin, 

      I think you might be on to something there! they do have a way of getting what they want. You obviously have one of the coolest dogs on the planet. 

      If you come back, please go to… and share a pic of your pup. I would love to post it on the page!


  2. What a great deal of information that you have given out in this awesome and interesting article I must give you a big thumbs up… I encountered an article like this on the internet and it changed my knowledge about Jax n Daisy Shampoo and gave me a new system to approach it…I always use it after bathing my pet dog with this shampoo almost all the time. Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so I would like to share the article on my social media group so that everyone can know about this product. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Hello Mister! 

      It is always an honor to have some one share! That is the goal, to help improve the well being for as many of the coolest dogs on the planet! 

      Thank you!

  3. Thank you 

    I really enjoyed reading your post and I have passed this article to my brother who has 3 labradors and can really benefit from the shampoo products. 

    It was really interesting for me as I am also looking to buy a dog so I am trying to increasing my knowledge prior to bringing one home.

    I like your recommendations and your approach which is really trusting.

    Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Imelda,

      Thanks for sharing, that is my goal, to get this out to people who can improve the well being of the coolest dogs on the planet. 

      You may want to visit the blog I have for some more info if you are looking to get a dog.

      This may help you think of what to look for in a breed that would best fit your lifestyle. Even if the dog chooses you, at least you would enter the relationship with a better understanding of how you can make your pet one of the coolest dogs on the planet!

  4. When it comes to my dogs, I always want to get some very good natural products for them because I have the feeling like they are the most safe things to use for them and here you explained really well what this one is and how they can be the best to use to bath the dogs. From this post, I think Jax n Daisy is really good. Really worth it

  5. I agree with you that bathing our dogs is a back breaking work. I have also tried several methods to bath them (not as much as you have, though). And I find your suggestions very useful. I have heard about JaxnDaisy Shampoos but I don’t remember if it was a positive review or a negative one. I just remember the name. I think I’ll give them a try. Thanks!

    • Hi Ann,

      If you have a less than large dog, you might look in to one of the tubs with legs. They fold up pretty good for storage and elevate the pooch so you don’t have to bend over as far to scrub them. What turned me on to the JaxnDaisy was the lotion. I have one dog who has allergies and the lotion works great on her hot spots when she breaks out. All the other products they have are an added benefit.

  6. I enjoyed reading your article. As a former groomer, I have seen so many issues with shampoos over the years. I like that you found a line that is more natural than most and works for cleaning all the mess that our shaggy dogs can encounter.

    Our home is shared with dogs of different breeds. The poodles need one type of shampoo while the basset needs another. Do you find that this line is more versatile than other brands? At the moment, I keep 3 different shampoos on hand. Also, do they offer larger sizes? With multiple dogs, I usually buy the gallon groomer sizes to save some money.

    Thanks for bringing this line of dog shampoo to my attention. I’m going to check it out for our crew!

    • Diane, 

      I am glad to have reached someone with some professional experience. They do offer the products in gallon size. I am limited on the number of breeds I have used it on.  I am aware that different breeds have different needs though. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think I will give a sample to the groomer I use and ask that very same question. I have two golden doodles and a yorkie. The doodles have completely different hair. One is tight and curly like a poodle and the other is long and straighter like  a retriever. JaxnDaisy shampoo works very well on all three of my dogs.

      You may give this a try with your crew. If it is more versatile in you opinion, please come back and let me know!


  7. Your opinion being expressed in this article is amazing. I have four dogs that i currently use normal shampoos to bath them. Often times i make use of bar soaps. I have never really thought about getting a jax and daisy shampoos because i worry how my dogs will react to it. I think i will give it a try and let you in on the feedback i get.

    • Lucas, 

      That’s great, I would love your feedback! If you have any dogs with skin irritations or allergies I recommend the lotion for hot spots. It has done wonders on my tiny little Yorkie. 

      Once you have them all scrubbed up grab a pic and visit the galley. I would love to put then on the page!




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