Pet Adoption Is On The Rise

Despite the COVID pandemic, pet adoption is still on the rise.

Best Companion Pets

Everyone is probably aware of the pandemic that hit in early 2020. Some of the things we have had to change and adjust the way we operate in normal day to day activities is slowly becoming normal. There have been a lot of places that have required folks to lock down and stay at home for extended periods of time.

I wonder if this alone has not actually helped with the statistics involved with pet adoption. There has been a large number of people who were used to being out and about, mingling with others, and having that social involvement. Being locked down has left a void in what they were used to.

What is the most logical solution to fill this void? A companion pet, there are so many pets available for adoption. In my opinion, dogs make the best companion pets!


I am going to fill you in on some of the info I have come across in all the research I have been doing for this project. One of the places I visited in exploring was Wisdom Health Genetics Pet Census. There was a lot of information on pets who are being adopted.

The information they have gathered gives a great snapshot of dogs and their people across the US. Comparing the pet census from 2010 to now they have come up with the following information.

  • There has been a 16% rise in all pet adoption in the last ten years.
  • 63% of those are adopting from a shelter or rescue.
  • They asked the question, the #1 spot for pets to sleep is in the bed with their pet parents.
  • 99% of all dog owners claim they have had a positive impact on their mental health.
  • 75% List companionship as the leading reason for getting a pet.
  • 64% View their pet as a family member.

These are, to me, a few indicators that dogs have helped people get through some of the tough times during the 2020 COVID pandemic. They are also very good reasons for anyone to add a dog to their family.

Considering a New Family Member

There are so many reasons to add a dog as a new family member. There are some reasons one should not also. That is part of my goal here is to help people understand the things they should consider before and during having a dog. I am hoping to help people understand how to improve the lives of all the coolest dogs on the planet.

If you are considering adding a new family member, please explore my posts. There is a large amount of research and personal experience that I am compiling for people to review to come to a more educated decision and possibly save a bit of time and money.

Speaking Of Dog Knowledge

Another avenue I am providing for ones who are now seriously considering pet adoption or already have an extra member of the family is a way to add to the overall well-being of all the coolest dogs on the planet.

Embark is an amazing company that provides dog DNA testing. Sound like a bit much? Why would one need a dog DNA kit? The advantages of these tests are so useful in more than one aspect.

Once you have a dog, you can order a dog DNA kit from Embark here. Doing this will set you up with real scientific information to improve the health and longevity of your coolest dog on the planet. It will identify the specific breed or breeds of your pooch. If you have read any of my other posts, you would know this will be information to use when making many decisions when caring and providing several items for your dog.

In addition to the information that you will receive to improve your ability to care for your pooch, the information acquired from DNA testing adds to the database for genetic research in dogs. Every test done helps Embark come closer to eliminating preventable dog diseases.

Be Prepared

Getting a DNA test kit for your dog and activating it with Embark will allow you to identify the possibility of some things you may encounter throughout the life of your pooch. Each test kit covers genetically identifying possibilities of over 190 different health conditions that you can provide to your vet and have a plan on how to care for your buddy.

It is proven, I have experienced it, you should try it! Dogs are good for people! Make sure you are prepared to give good care of them and be prepared. They will love you for it and this will improve their well-being.

As Always

I am reaching out to help as many people as I can to improve the lives of all the coolest dogs on the planet. I would be pleased if you used this information to improve your dog’s life. And please use links on this website to make your regular purchases. This compensates me for the time and effort I put into this and costs you no more than if you purchase somewhere else. In some cases, I can offer a discount or coupon.

I would love to have a pic of your coolest dog on the planet to add to the gallery too!



2 thoughts on “Pet Adoption Is On The Rise”

  1. It is true that the rage at which people are considering adoption these days is really becoming much more. The lockdown has so many effects on poeplle and one of the best way to actually get sanity back in full and return to the way we were before anything at all is through having a pet that is a best friend that can help with our mood. Thanks so much for sharing here

    • Nath, 

      I know my life would be so different without my pooches! I can have a terrible day or be in a bad mood for one reason or another and they always manage to cheer me up. I love my dogs! They have a wonderful talent to make me happy!




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