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Things All Dog Owners Should Know

I say that like it is common knowledge. The truth is it is not. Some of the things discussed in this article will be familiar to some. Through experiences or talking with someone who has had these experiences. When it comes down to it, vaccinations and what they are for are usually only talked about when you visit the vet. It is not common knowledge.

Having said that, I will get this out of the way. This article is by no means to replace or undermine what a licensed veterinarian has instructed or prescribed for you pet. As put to me by my vet, “Do not confuse your google search with my veterinary license”. He has taught me a lot!

Online Pet Medications

Heartgard Tabs for Dogs

Following that, I am going to advise you in the use of online pet medications. More and more these days online pet medications are becoming readily available. None of which replace vaccinations. This is an avenue that can save you quite a lot of money and make it so much more convenient. In fact here is a source that I use. Entirely Pet I have an article about Safe OTC Medications for Dogs. Please check that out.

Always, always, always consult your vet before using any of these products.

The Run Down

This is where the research got thick. One can get lost in a sea of information. That is why I am trying to break this down for you. So you can easily understand what you need to make your dog one of the coolest on the planet.

I will list these out for you and later give a bit more description of what it is and some symptoms.

Core Vaccinations For Dogs

There are only four of these. Some are regulated by state or province on frequency. It has been proven that they will sustain for three years. Depending on possible exposure in your area may be required yearly.

1. Canine Distemper – A nasty virus, can affect the whole body. Mostly noticeable in the eyes. Can be tested, but vet needs to see the dog and evaluate all symptoms. Dog can be infected and test negative.

2. Canine Parvovirus – Another virus. Parvovirus in adult dogs is usually shed within a week or so. Still makes them sick and should be checked. It is a virus so antibiotics do not work. This is more often found in puppies and is very easily spread. This can be fatal in puppies and is very common. Typically, one of the first vaccines’ given.

3. Adenovirus 1 Infection – This is also a viral infection. Again, antibiotics do not work. They may help with other underlying symptoms. Any Treatment will be aimed toward reducing symptoms and hoping the dogs immune system will kick in.Face Covering

4. Rabies – You most likely have heard of this one! It is one that is regulated depending on the possibility of exposure in your area. This can be transferred to humans! You thought the COVID-19 was bad. This virus has been reported everywhere in the US except Hawaii. Everywhere in the world except Australia and Antarctica. It kills around 50,000 Humans and Millions of animals every year. That is why it is common knowledge. If Symptoms exist, it will most likely end with death. Very important vaccination!

Non-Core Vaccinations

There are also four of these. I don’t believe the vet can make you give these but they should offer them. If you care for your dogs well-being you will have them administered yearly. These vaccines’ do not sustain as long as the previous ones.

1. Leptospirosis – This one is Zoonotic (I had to use that word), that means it can be transferred to humans. You should get this one. Especially if the dog is exposed to wildlife, outdoor animals, or ponds. These bacteria are found in dirt, and water everywhere.

2. Lyme Disease – Historically contained to certain regions. Not so much anymore.NexGard Chewables for Dogs, 60.1-121 lbs, 3 treatments (Red Box) - It is transferred by deer ticks. With the growing population of white tail deer the disease is more widely spread. This is a tough one if not vaccinated. The symptoms are very faint and if left unattended can cause damage to the kidneys, nervous system, and heart. People get this too. Usually from the ticks. Even though they are vaccinated, they also have OTC products to kill fleas and ticks before they lay eggs.

3. Canine Couugh Complex – Ever heard of kennel cough? Here you go. Bordatella and Parainfluenza. Two easily transferred respiratory infections between dogs. Even if your dog has had the vaccine and you intend to kennel a dog, you may want a booster shot. Number one symptom. Yes, they cough.

4. Canine Influenza – This one is probably the newest. It is as it sounds, dog flu. It seems to be on the rise in certain areas so again refer to the vet.

A Bit Scary Once You Know

I do not intend to worry anyone with this information. The goal is to help people understand the importance of vaccinations. It not only improves the life of your dog by decreasing the chances of becoming sick, or worse. It helps prevent the chance of it happening to you too.

Putting this out on the web I feel is the best way to reach as many people as possible to help raise awareness of the need for vaccinations. It is not a common topic talked about at the dinner table. I am hoping this reaches many so they too can spread the knowledge.

Just Remember, 4 Core Vaccines, and 4 Non-Core Vaccines. The first three at minimum ever 3 years. Rabies is mandated by locality and possible exposure. The last 4 are not typically mandated but will decrease the chances of your coolest dog on the planet from getting sick from the bacteria and viruses that are in their natural environment.

Some preventative measures you can take against disease are available over the counter. You can purchase these medications by clicking on one of the photos below.

NexGard Chewables for Dogs, 60.1-121 lbs, 3 treatments (Red Box) - Chewy.comHeartgard Tabs for Dogs

I hope this clears up some questions, or at least informs you on what to talk to your vet about. Communication and understanding are key to a good life for your dog.



8 thoughts on “Pet Vaccinations”

  1. A very good rundown on mandatory and recommended dog vaccinations. Our daughter has a dog and I know she talks about taking it to the vet every now and then but I don’t pay much more attention than that.

    As a hunter in Germany I learned all about rabies, and if its not treated soon enough you will die. They had us watch videos that showed wild animals with it and also a person with it and it was horrible. We had to watch it because we, as hunters in Germany, are the first line of defense against diseases moving from animals to man.

    Also, in Germany there is another form of virus that comes from ticks that we can get immunizations for because its pretty nasty, too.

    Well, if we ever decide to get a pet we will surely check out this webpage and get the straight scoop. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment Les!

      I am located in the US. I hunted as a kid, you never thought about the possibility of catching a disease from running around in the woods.

      I am completely ignorant on the differences between here and there. I may have to look that up! 

      Thanks mister!

  2. Oh, that’s wonderful information  about pets and vaccination. Personally I think that meeting with the doctors is very important because there are truly a lot of information online about let medication.

    i have a cat myself and I understand that  they can get so many illnesses through different ways. I like the run down of vaccination you gave here.

    • Hi, 

      I am glad you found this information useful! There are so many ways our pets can pick up different illnesses. Some vaccinations can be administered at home but you have to meet certain requirements and keep track of all the information. It is so much easier to rely on a vet for up to date information, professional recommendation, and record keeping.

      Thanks for the comment, I think your cat needs a dog to curl up with!

  3. Hello Chad, it’s really a nice time coming to your site and I have to say I really enjoyed the article and it means a lot to me. I have a couple of dogs at home who had just have their own puppies and I a yet vaccinate them because I really didn’t know what vaccine to give to them. Seeing these core ones and the ones that are not core makes me very glad. Thanks for sharing 

    • You are welcome Justin! That is my goal to help improve the lives of all the coolest dogs out there.

      If they are new puppies, you may have to do a series of shots. As they are growing and developing they have a fairly weak immune system. Most vets will do what they call “puppy shots”. This may be a smaller dose with more frequency to boost there immune system. Those will most likely include the distemper, parvovirus, and adenovirus. The rest will come as they are more able to get around and increase their exposure to other environments.  

      Best of luck to you and the new pups!

  4. I believe every let owner should get a direct linkup with this website here. Though I have never for once taken serious the idea of vaccinating my dog. Though I adopted him recently but it gas not occyred to me. 

    Seriously,the dangers associated with not vaccinating then and the consequences of their biting can really be fatal as seen here. These mandatory vaccination would definitely be top on my list hence.

    • Thanks for taking notice Nath. 

      That is my goal in this site to reach out and help people understand some of the things that aren’t common knowledge with dogs. 

      There are a lot of arguments on vaccines and what we as people put in to dogs, or people for that matter, but medical science and improving longevity of lives have proven it to be for the better!

      Not to mention reducing liability if your pet is not vaccinated and gets someone else. Yeah, that’s a thing!

      Thank you for adopting a dog! I would assume if you went through a licensed adoption facility your dog would have been up to date at that time. 



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