Want To Get A Dog?

What are some good reasons to NOT get a dog?

Great question! I think anyone who considers owning a dog should carefully think about the reasons they shouldn’t. Here are 5 things for you to consider and help you think about the commitment you are about to make.

1) When you get a dog you assume the ethical responsibility for the well-being of thinking, feeling life which will quickly consider your family. This responsibility will last up to 20 years. Your dog will love you, need you, and does not deserve the pain and grief of being abandoned by someone who isn’t serious about adoption.

2) Dogs are animals. They are emotional and loving, but are also often wild and have instincts. Owning a dog is a little bit like having a child forever stuck at the age of 4… They won’t understand what you are saying, they won’t be reasonable when upset, they will make messes without regard for the consequences. This takes training for you and the dog. Here is a great place to learn about that.

***Brain Training 4 Dogs***

But unlike a human child, they also have natural defenses and genetic instincts which you will be required to manage. Failure to do so can result in a dog that is out of control, aggressive, fearful, or severely psychologically damaged. Dog owners, like many parents, may come to learn that it’s not always cuddles and happy times. A dog is an individual living a real-life, they will have ups and downs, problems, tragedies. And as their family, their problems will become yours.

3) Dogs are expensive. Monetarily, and emotionally. They need your money to be fed, given healthcare, housed. They need your energy to be taught, loved, and managed. Their need for food, and more importantly their owner’s attention and effort, will remain a constant no matter how the economy or one’s job situation changes. If you need to find any supplies for them you can click this link and get anything you need from my pages!

If you get fired and can no longer afford to care for your dog, are you going to abandon them? What if your new marriage partner doesn’t want them? What if they bark and you must move, will you put your needs over theirs? They have to live with the grief and sorrow if this happens, and so do you.

4) Dogs are messy. They poop. They shed. They attract fleas. They track in dirt. They are little filth sponges. They are 4-legged avatars of chaos. They slobber. A lot. All while loving you.

If you can’t get over some dirt and drool and give them a hug, you probably aren’t in a good headspace to own a dog. If you require everything in its place and pristine, controlled living space, don’t get a dog. If you want to do what you want without interruption, don’t get a dog. Your dog will make a mess, they don’t clean the house, and they require your time not only to interact with them but to deal with their impact on the nearby environment.

5) Dogs die. After you step up to the challenge and become the kind of awesome dog guardian I wish there were more of, you will receive unbounded love, a lifetime of memories, and quite probably a terrible loss and grief when their all too short lifespan ends. You will watch them grow old, feel the pain of old age, see them remain a puppy in the heart but get so tired, and one day they will be gone. And it never gets easier.

Nothing makes me angrier than a half-hearted approach to being a dog owner. Dogs have deep feelings. They don’t deserve to think they have a home only to be dumped by someone who didn’t take some time to consider the implications of owning a dog. This hurts them… a lot. Dogs are alive, they are not toys. They exist for you, but you have to exist for them, too.


I know this article may seem a bit counter-intuitive for a website about dogs but please remember my intent with this site is to improve the lives of all the coolest dogs on the planet. If folks would consider some of these things before spontaneously jumping into a commitment that will affect lives, It very well could prevent some serious issues, or even help someone evaluate and become a better pet parent.

If you make this decision and commit to having another member in your family, come to groomydude.com and get all the information, supplies, and toys you will need! Thank you for this consideration! Just click the Banner here!

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4 thoughts on “Want To Get A Dog?”

  1. I have 2 initial thoughts.

    1. You are probably used to the names and I guess gender has a lot to do with it but judging by the initial images, Cora and Cooper look like their names should be swapped. 

    2. “4-legged avatars of chaos” might be my new favorite phrase.

    But seriously, this is a great informative article and I cannot agree more that some people need to be more serious about the commitment of getting a dog. 

    I had a very close friend who is mostly a responsible guy but he bought a puppy without checking what was required and he did not get her vaccinated. The puppy died which was the loss of innocent life and it was a tragic experience for all involved.

    • Alex,

      Thanks for the thoughts! My Cooper and Cora have definitely grown into their names. 

      I am glad you have found this site. You have found the importance of planning for a dog. After reading your comment I want to share some more information I have on this site. If you would please share with anyone you know who is considering getting a dog. There is a lot of info that can help people choose and things to help them realize what to think about. 

      If you are not aware of what you need for vaccinations please go here. Pet Vaccinations Here you can at least understand what and why you need for vaccinations. Improving the health and wellbeing of all the coolest dogs on the planet.

      If you go to Benefits To Owning A Dog, you can see how they can actually help you!

      If you do get or already have a dog and want to have them with you everywhere you go, I may be able to help you get an ESA certificate.

      I hope this helps people understand things they need to know before they get a dog because the dog is the one who pays for it!


  2. My husband and I are definitely ready to get a dog. Now we finally have the space and the capacity to add a furry member to our family. Cooper is super adorable by the way 🙂 Thanks for sharing about things to consider when we get a dog. I think we are ok with all those concern. I think I am going to do some good deeds and adopt a dog from a shelter instead of buying one 🙂 

    • That is awesome Nuttanee! 

      I think dogs are a wonderful addition to a family! They are a bit of work and a huge responsibility but so worth it! If you do rescue a pup from a shelter, try to get them to give you any records they may have on vaccines. If you are not sure about what you need you can come back to my site and check out this post. Here you can find what is required, how often, and why. 

      Good luck to you and yours! Hopefully, you find your coolest dog on the planet!



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