What is the best way to feed your dog?

What is the best way to feed your dog?

Feeding You Dogs

This seems like a pretty easy task, right? Grab a cup of some of those kibbles and dump them in a bowl or maybe have to open a can and scoop it out. Not too complicated.

That was about all the thought I would put in to it until I started doing a little research on the proper way to feed your dog. Turns out again, I was wrong. If you have one of the coolest dogs on the planet and you want them to be as healthy as possible and live a long happy life, there are a few things you can consider when feeding your dog.

This, as any other topic can be overwhelming if you really dig into it. I have done a lot of that for you and here is my run down to save you time and help you to understand the 5 things you should at least think about.

What Your Dog Wants

Everyone wants their dog to be happy. Are you feeding your dog what they want or what they need? That was the first issue I discovered I was doing wrong. Dogs typically want to eat anything they can. This may not be too good for them. It is up to us to help them intake what they need.

I was feeding my dog dry food. It wasn’t the cheap stuff, had plenty of protein, vitamins, and the right amount of fat. The problem was I was keeping the bowl full. I was thinking if they eat it and need more they must be hungry still. That is not the case. What clued me in on this was when I got more than one dog. That is when I noticed the competition eating. One would try to eat all the food before the other one ate it all. This is when I realized I had to get involved.

Some times when you have multiple pets it helps to feed them separately. The goal in this exercise is to consider just how

much food they are getting. If you have read any of my other blogs, you will notice a trend here. what breed of dog do you have? There are so many different dogs out there I can not be specific to your pet but I can give you this thought process to identify what your dog may need.

Different breeds come in different sizes. Different foods come in different sizes. You see where I am going? Ideally, you can judge the amount of food your dog gets from its size. A Pomeranian will not be able to eat as much as a Bull Mastiff. The one thing to consider is the actual size of their stomach. Once it is full, it is full. That doesn’t mean they will stop eating. This ties in to what I will tell you in a bit about the dog food they eat.

Commercial Dog Food

There is a lot of controversy on commercial dog foods. The process used to make it, chemicals, byproducts, lack of nutrients, the list goes on and on.

I will tell you one thing here to save you from all that hub bub. There are two organizations that regulate and monitor these Hills Science Dietitems for you. The Association of American Feed Control Officers (AAFCO) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). One thing I will ask you look for on what ever food you buy are one of those stamps.

I use Hills Science Diet for my dogs. They have a variety with out chicken which suits the need of my dog with allergies. All three of my dogs love it. We set up auto ship from Chewy. You can do the same and I can get you 30% off on your first auto ship order. There are many places to fulfill your pets needs, I have found Chewy makes it easy to buy pet supplies online. Not the only one I use though.

There are very few unethical manufactures out there that some how make dog food with out meeting these standards. If the dog food you buy has one of these stamps you can at least know that the food meets certain requirements that would include at least the amount of protein vs. fat and limit the type of byproduct. I will mention these again later in the article.

Wet Or Dry

Oh my! Another decision to make for my pooch! Which one is right? What if I am wrong?

Don’t fret, this one is easy. Unless your dog is picky. You can’t go wrong either way. Each of these foods if you are choosing the right product will be made in a way they will get what they need from it. There are only a few things to consider when making this choice.

Dry food is better for there teeth, you know, the ones that were made for crunching stuff. Moist food may get stuck in there gums and harvest bacteria and create some issues with the gums.

Moist food is easier to eat and digest for dogs who have smaller, less durable teeth or a sensitive digestive system. Wet food has a bunch more moisture in it and is good for dogs who just don’t drink enough water.

Again, think of what it is your dog needs. What is better for them at this point?

What I Had Wrong

How much do I feed my dog and how often should I feed my dog? Those are the two questions I didn’t ask in the beginning. I just made sure they were fed. This is pretty common across the board. It is general and depending on if you live in a studio apartment in the city or on a farm in the country will change what they need a bit.

Most commonly one would start with this idea and adjust to how the dog responds. 

6 months or younger will need to eat more often. Typically about 3-4 times per day. Always think of the size of their stomach.

6 months and older will only need to eat 2 times a day. Always think of the size of their stomach.

In any case you need to think about the times they are eating too. This can help if you have a problem with going in the house. Each dogs digestive system takes a certain time to do its thing. They can hold it for a certain amount of time but if you gotta go!! Pay attention to the time from when you feed your dog to when they want to go (not need to). This will help you adjust their feeding times to meet you busy schedule.

Read The Label

OK, now that I have provided you with all this information on what your dog needs and ideas on how to recognize this I will help you understand how to fulfill those requirements.

Some of us are fortunate enough to have pets that are very needy or have allergies. Maybe even some real medical issues to tend to. For the later I would suggest consulting a veterinary professional.

In any case, you are thinking now about what your dog needs. You are concerned about what is going into their body. Maybe because of what is coming out! This is also a good indicator that something is not right.

Having said that, Read the Label! Look for the stamp AAFCO or FDA. This will let you know the food you are providing will give them approximately 10% protein and 5% fat by body weight if you are giving them the amount their stomach will hold on the correct intervals.

It also assures you that even the ones that are full of preservatives to make the food last longer are using ones that are more beneficial than harm. A lot of people get hung up on these preservatives thinking they are pumping their dog full of chemicals. testing and history show it is better than not having them. They help preserve the fats in the food. this reduces the opportunity for the fat to decay and possibly for bacteria that could be more harmful.

For those who are set on not having the preservatives. There alternatives out there. They are harder to find and not cheap at all. Keep in mind, They do have a shorter shelf life.

Natural and Holistic

All right, I said 5 things. Here is an extra. I just cant quit when it comes to helping out the coolest dogs on the planet having a higher quality life!

I just want to clear this up a little for some folks who are dead set on no preservatives and all natural products. If you buy a food now that says all natural. Look at the label. They are allowed to say that even if there are preservatives in them. Some preservatives are natural.

If you are really concerned, look into holistic food. Again, expensive and harder to find. Also does not last near as long. Holistic will definitely be regulated by the FDA because you could actually eat it. This mean it is human quality products. There are a lot of people who make there own dog food and treats. If you are interested in that here is a place you can start to look for your favorite recipies.

All Together Now

We all love our pets, and wish to give them the best care possible. I am hoping this helps some to have a better understanding of what their coolest dog on the planet needs. Just remember…

How big is their stomach?

What type of food will best suit their needs?

Would dry or wet food provide the most benefit?

How much and what times to feed my dog?

Read the label!

As always, I would love to have a picture of your coolest dog on the planet to post in the gallery.

I hope this helps!



12 thoughts on “What is the best way to feed your dog?”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing an informative article with everyone. Feeding your pet dog is very difficult in the first place, so you have to take different approaches. I have a pet dog that feeds him as many times as he wants. In this case, I must rely on the quality of food to be nutritious and natural. In my opinion, pet dogs should be given any good quality food that they make on their own rather than on the market.

    Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so would like to share the article in my social media group if you allow me.

    • Thank you Md.

      It would be an honor for you to share this article! That is my goal to reach as many folks as I can and try to make this a better place for all the coolest dogs on the planet! 

  2. Well, I feel this should be strictly based on personal decision asto what actually is worthy for the dogs and what they really want. For example, when I was feeding my dog dry food, I never knew she would actually prefer the wet foods. So, the first time I tried the wet food for her, she ate almost the double fill of what she would normally consume whenever I offer her a dry fod. So, I would advise to actually figure out what they want first.

    • Nath, 

      I agree the dog should like it. At the same time, they do not understand self control. They will eat what you give them. It is up to the owner to help them find what they like and control it in a healthy manor. 

      Thank you for the comment!

  3. Chad,

    I enjoyed reading your article on feeding your dog.  I have two chihuahuas and so I’ve read a lot about what is good to feed them and what is not.  

    I agree that dry kibble is better than wet food, but of course, the pups prefer the wet.  To give them the occasional treat, I will mix some wet food in with the dry.  It doesn’t take much.  Then I also give them a dental treat to help keep their teeth clean.

    My guys did not like Science Diet, but I found Fromm Family food.  I do have to feed my dogs separately because one is a food guarder and will go after the other one’s food.  Once feeding time is over, the guarding dog will mellow out, unless you go near his food bowl.

    At least I don’t have the problem with my dog eating too fast.  My daughter has this issue.  I solved it for her by using a device in his bowl that slowed down his eating so he wouldn’t get bloat.

    Feeding your dog is not an easy matter.  It must be thought out carefully to ensure your dog is fed right.


    • Thank you Ellen for this comment! 

      You have hit on some things that I did not mention. In doing that you are helping some of the coolest dogs on the planet!

      You had mentioned dogs guarding their food, that goes along with what I had mentioned about competition eating. Some times they have attributes we can not change and have to find ways to help them. I had not heard of the device to slow their eating. I will do some research. Just eating too fast can create issues as you mentioned.

      I also like that you talked about mixing their food. I have done that before also. I had a retriever a while back that got a raw egg mixed in his food about once a week. It was a treat for him and I think it helped with his coat. Helped make it shiny and shed a bit less. 

      Again, thank you!


  4. Hi Chad, Thanks for your super-useful article! My husband and I are considering a puppy s so your article has been of great interest to me. There are so many things to get ready before buying a dog and correct food is amongst the most important. So there were many useful points for me to refresh (I used to have a dog, but that’s 20 years ago) One thing I remember, however, is that one should not always adhere to what the packaging says in terms of the right amount of food – apparently, most companies tell you to feed the dog more than necessary.
    What I’d like to ask you, Chad, is: If you buy dry or wet food made of chicken, does the package say anything specific as for where the chickens come from? Namely, whether the chickens are free-range or factory-bred. I know this may sound a bit too picky, but many factory-bred chickens are fed with hormones, and I don’t think this would be good for any dog. Thanks a lot for your advice!

    • Lucie,

      I am pleased you are considering a new puppy! If you would like, once you do, please visit again and go to the gallery. I would love to add your coolest dog on the planet to it. 

      I have a pup that is allergic to chicken so I have read many labels for this very reason. What I have found is the only ones that announce where the chicken is raised are the ones who are proud of it. If you prefer free range, look for one that says it. 

      As mentioned in the article, there are two things you need to be sure of. Make sure it at least has the AAFCO or FDA stamp. To elaborate, they may not exclude any farm raised chicken but at least there are control measures on the byproduct. They mandate they do not use certain parts of the animals to prevent diseases like mad cow and such.

      I wish you the best and am very happy you are looking into things before choosing a pup. I feel this helps people understand what breed will better fit their lifestyle. 

      Thank you!


  5. Hi Chad,

    I did own a dog; now I own a cat; From my experience; Feeding a cat and a dog is similar; You have to watch what you feed, and how you provide. There are many products on the market that are not so good, and you have to be careful, as you could be doing more harm than good!.  I love my cat, as much as I loved my dog, I wish that I could Have nad them around at the same time, alas!

    Thanks for a well put together article. ( I will be back!)

    • Thank you Joe,

      I appreciate your comment and wish you and your cat the best! Visit any time, I will continue my research and be adding new articles regularly.

      Maybe in the future I can venture in to the Cat Kingdom.


  6. This is truly an amazing website and i appreciate the effort put into creating this content. Dogs are such amazing domestic pets that i have four of them and all four of them are properly taken care of. I usually don’t bother to read the label of the food pack before giving them. Seeing that it is one of the ways you have suggested i think i will start doing that.

    • Lucas, 

      This is my goal, to reach out and help the folks who have some of the coolest dogs on the planet. 

      This is why I have done this research. I have been there and made some mistakes. Hopefully I can reach out and make things a little smoother for others.

      Come back and visit again! I am working on my next topic. Vaccines and regular meds for dogs. I will break it down in to a simplified list of what you need to know. With a bit of description as to why we need to vaccinate.

      Thanks again mister!



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