About Groomy Dude

About Groomy Dude


Brush me please!

My wife and I have two Golden Doodles who are absolutely wonderful dogs. They are both so beautiful and full of energy. We do enjoy our time together playing and running around outdoors. Of course, this pure enjoyment comes with a price. We always end up filthy dirty. We love to keep them clean and beautiful, not to mention, smelling good!

If you own a pet you are most likely aware this means work! Not knowing anything about what I was doing, We went to a professional groomer. Every time they went in, it was more than what was quoted because they were matted or needed more trimming. This got expensive and reoccurring at least every two months. I had to find another option and started researching and doing it ourselves again.

Before I knew what the right tools were that we needed we were just randomly purchasing different types of dog brushes. After acquiring a whole bin full of different varieties and trying out which ones did what we needed I have found the following.



Now that we have started doing this grooming on our own we have found some tools that make it easier. It is still something that needs to be done regularly and is still work but this website will connect you to some useful tools to make it easier on you and your pocketbook.

Please keep in mind, this is accomplished through an affiliate link. When you go through this site it does not cost any more. In some cases, I can actually save you money through my affiliation with the company. There are several vendors attached to this website, so please even if you chose to purchase something different, please, please go through my site so I can get a small commission. It does not cost any more than direct!

I use places like Amazon, Chewy, Entirely Pets, and Furhaven.


The Pups

With our Doodles, we have discovered their undercoat mats terribly. Especially where the have the moving parts and the ears and tails. If you stay on it regularly the mats can be maintained pretty easy with a fine bristle shedding brush. In the event it does get matted there are a couple of tools that have been a godsend.

Once matting gets out of control, the only way to take care of it is to have it removed (this means shaving). The best tools we have found for regular use is a metal dog comb and a de-matting rake. If you see the mat starting, you can use the metal comb to get through them and pretty much pull them apart or sometimes even pull them out.

If the mat has gotten too large or tangled to a point it is uncomfortable for the dog to detangle with the metal comb, then you resort to the de-matting rake. This tool has a series of thin rows with a sharp blade in between the rows to actually cut through the mats. The blades are protected by the surrounding rows so they are fairly safe to use but have to be careful not to get any parts of the dog between the rows because the blades are sharp. You really only need to watch out on the ears and maybe feet. Any part that could be thin enough to enter between the rows.

Once we discovered the right tools and the order to use them the regular grooming was much easier to perform and was a lot less stressful on the dogs. Now that we know how and perform this regularly they only go to the groomer about once every 4 months. When this does happen the groomer is also pleased to see we are properly taking care of them and we do not get overage charges for the extra work they have to do just to be able to cut their hair.

Again, if you have a dog with any amount of hair, I would recommend having on hand four types of dog brushes.

  1. Slicker Brush – Has short wires close together to smooth out the hair and remove what they are shedding. Used most frequently.
  2. Metal Dog Comb – Has sturdy long pins that are further apart to reach into and through the longer and possibly matted or tangled hair.
  3. Dematting Rake – Shaped kind of like a large razor used for shaving but has vertical rows with blades between to get through mats that cannot be untangled.
  4. Bristle Brush – This is the most commonly misused and widely seen. Looks like a regular hairbrush and is used to finish removing loose hair.



Chess Dog 300 x 600
We are hoping your desire to keep your pups clean and beautiful has lead you to this website. There are many tools we have found that are available no matter what size, breed, or personality they have to make this less expensive and easier to accomplish.

Having a dog requires dedication and a bit of work. If you take care of them properly, it ends up looking and feeling more like love and companionship. One thing you will never have to worry about is them not wanting your attention.

Our dogs are a part of the family. They bring us great joy and happiness. Their desire to be with you and make you happy should be returned. Following these suggestions will make regular care less painful and they will actually start to see it as an activity they enjoy doing with you. That makes everyone happy!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Chad Condon


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  1. Hello there! this is an amazing article you have got here. Its true what you said about Having a dog requires dedication and a bit of work. I just hope I find amazing facts and materials from your site that will help me take good care of my pups.

    I look forward to seeing more of your posts. Thanks!

    • Hi Joy!  

      If you would like to add your pups to the gallery page it would be great! There are instructions on the gallery page or you can just email them to chad@groomydude.com. I may even insert them in some blogs for everyone to see!

      Thanks for visiting and please come back soon!

  2. Love the last title, “love your pups”. It is something that everyone should always remember!

    I am honest: I don’t love to keep pups inside the house, I always prefer to leave them as free as possible. But sometimes it happened that I had to keep some pups inside and it was a hard hard hard work! It is impressive! So it is very good to know that a website like yours exists: if it can help to make things easier, it is great! 

    • When I was younger we always had pups that ran free. Now I live next to a highway and am afraid they would wander the wrong direction if I let them. I have quite a bit of property so they do get to run still but never unsupervised. It is a lot of extra work to keep them inside. It is also rewarding to me. I have a 62 pound dog that thinks he is a lap dog. I scoot down in the bed at night so he can sleep at the headboard above me. He kind of hogs my pillow but I don’t mind.  

      I hope that some of this information gets out and make things easier for someone. That would make it better for the coolest dogs on the planet!


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