Nourishment For Dogs

You Gotta Eat


Once your dog has gone out and played, had their bath, and is all groomed up and looking good. I am guessing if they are like mine. It’s time to eat again!

Dogs most of the time are not too picky. Some are and that too can create a problem when finding a food that is healthy that they will eat. If they aren’t it leaves it up to us to make sure they are properly nourished.

I have one dog that has allergies. She cannot eat anything with chicken in it. The other two have sensitive stomachs so we use a d/d food prescribed by our vet. This page will lead you to a place where you can purchase a large variety that suits your needs.

If you are looking to provide the absolute best food for your dogs, homemade from real ingredients is probably best. Who knows how to calculate the proper protein vs. fat for their dog and get it right when mixing ingredients though?

Luckily there is Hungry Bark! They are professionals at it and provide a service that once you fill out the questionnaire about your dog will mix ingredients specifically for your dog’s best health and deliver to your door for a very affordable price! Just click the banner to get started!

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If you want to stick to traditional manufactured dog food, I recommend Hills Science Diet. I Really am not recommending a specific variety, it is the manufacturer that I trust. If you would like to learn more about why check out this Hills Review.

Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Chicken, Rice, & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food - 66 lb Bag (2 x 33 lb Bag)

There are so many facets that people may have to deal with when it comes to a dog’s diet. This could range from allergies, sensitive digestive systems, to plain stubbornness.

Please try to find the right fit for your pet. I cannot make suggestions here because it could be something that needs to be advised by a veterinary professional. What I do know is they need consistency. Find something they like that is good for them and stick to it. There is an extremely wide variety to choose from. I will recommend Hills for several reasons. For the d/d we buy you have to enter your pet and vet information so they can verify the prescription before they ship. You can find almost any kind of dog food you would need at PetFlow. If you are a new customer you can Save $30 on Auto-Ship Orders.

You can view more information on why I recommend Hills Brand Dog Food in the review I have done on their products. I cover some of the things that I would look for in any dog food you purchase and Receive 20% off on Hill’s Prescription Diet dry food with code FEEDLOVE20!

You can also find more information on general selection in the posts. Particularly, What is the best way to feed your dog. This will help you know to look for on the label (AAFCO and FDA).

One thing to think about and you may discuss with your vet. With the limited ingredients, you may not be able to expect the food you give your dog to simply nourish them. Their diet may require dog supplements vitamins. A great source for a variety of those needs is Entirely Pets.

With this ad, you can save up to 60% off vet pricing! This will make you and them feel better and live lifelong as the coolest dogs on the planet!