It’s The Time Of Year For Sharing!

‘Tis The Season For Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals!

Hi! Happy Thanksgiving!

I am not one who gets out and does the holiday shopping, I do enjoy the festivities, visiting with family, and having everyone around for my pups to love on!

I am not big on surfing the web for super great deals even though I know there are some out there that I probably should! That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share what is being offered. Since I am an affiliate with several vendors, I do get the communication from them for their great deals and I feel like I should share the ones that are giving some great value!

I am going to put all of the ones I have seen on this page so you have several to see for all the coolest dogs on the planet in one place.

One of the ones I have purchased from myself is FurHaven Pet Products. They have the best beds in my opinion and they have some awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! If you click on the image you can get $5 off any bed!

They have deals for Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and all Cyber weekend you can get 20% off FurHaven Pet Products!

If you would like to read a bit more on the quality of their products and the wide range of beds they offer you can go to my post, Dog Gone Time For Bed.

Embark Veterinary, Inc.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Embark is an amazing company that provides dog DNA testing. Sound like a bit much? Why would one need a dog DNA kit? The advantages of these tests are so useful in more than one aspect.If you would like to read more on why you could use a DNA test check out my article Pet Adoption Is on The Rise.

Doing this will set you up with real scientific information to improve the health and longevity of your coolest dog on the planet. It will identify the specific breed or breeds of your pooch. If you have read any of my other posts, you would know this will be information to use when making many decisions when caring for and providing several items for your dog.

In addition to the information that you will receive to improve your ability to care for your pooch, the information acquired from DNA testing adds to the database for genetic research in dogs. Every test done helps Embark come closer to eliminating preventable dog diseases.

And don’t forget other gifts!

Embark Vet eGift Cards are great gifts for all the dog lovers in your life. The pawfect present for birthdays, gotcha days, and everything in between. 

Entirely Pets

Another good site for all the coolest dogs on the planet!

They are among the many who are running special holiday promo’s. Here you can get Sales Specials with Promo Code.

Hungry Bark

The best thing about your dog is how unique they are! And we get it: Every dog is different. Hungry Bark takes an ingredients-first approach to all their products and ensures optimal nutrition for any dog breed, age, or activity level. To top it off, they make sure the best vets approve all our formulas and ship them directly to your front door, with sustainable packaging.

728x90 Every Dog is Different


I hope this saves you some time, money, and helped you find all the gifts you need for your coolest dogs on the planet!

Happy Holidays from Groomy Dude!

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