Dog Grooming Tools

Suggested Grooming Tools

If you are looking for tools to make grooming your pets. Here is a list of suggestions that I have gathered from my countless efforts and wasted time and money trying to discover how to keep my dogs clean and beautiful.

Make It Less Back Breaking

As I have mentioned in the article Regular Grooming For Dogs With Long Hair, this can be a back-breaking chore. I have invested in one of these, the dogs don’t mind it and it sure makes it easier! That is my main goal, to make life easier and better for all the coolest dogs on the planet.

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There are many different types of dog grooming brushes. I have given a brief description of the different types of bushes and how to use them if you would like to venture toward the posts in the sidebar.

Slicker Brush

Some would call this a dog shedding brush. It is best for pulling loose hair out before it gets shed for the dog’s coat.

Metal Dog Comb

This tool is good and sturdy. Good for pulling out the smaller tangles. also works on larger ones considering the dogs comfort level.

Mat Rake

The mat rake was the number one tool I was missing. This is great for taking care of the larger mats. These two styles work great together!

Bristle Brush

The most common brush out there. Several different types of these brushes. Used for finishing, this type of brush is only good for removing already loose hair.

If You Are New At This

Please feel free to browse! You can find all kinds of fun stuff for your pets!

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I hope this information has helped you and your pet!

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