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Suggested medications for dog

Online Pet Medications

There is not a lot I will recommend for administering for your dog. The few I do recommend should still be used with consultant from a licensed veterinarian.

I do suggest something for heart worms and flea and ticks if you don’t already take care of this with your vet. I chose to get an annual shot at the vet. It does cost a bit but I know it is good and it’s only once a year.

For Those Who Do

You can buy dog medication online for certain things. It does make it convenient and you can save some dough. I would at least call your vet and talk to them. At least have what you are giving them added to their records.

Heartgard Tabs for Dogs

I have purchased online medications for dogs before.NexGard Chewables for Dogs, 60.1-121 lbs, 3 treatments (Red Box) -

Here is where to order pet medications online,

Entirely Pets. They have all the top brands at competitive prices. Use the link in this article and you can save up to 60% of vet cost for the same products.

Veterinary Medications Online

There are certain cases one can purchase veterinary medications online. I do not recommend this for the average Joe. Going through the vet will keep records up to date and insure your are getting the best, current product for your dog.

Not only does this protect your dog but you as well. Please visit this article for more information. Pet Vaccinations

OTC Medication

If your have an issue that does not necessitate professional help. There are things your can give your dog to help. It is limited, and you should know what you are doing before your give a dog things like OTC pain medications and such. For help, and a list of medications that are safe for dogs visit my article. Safe OTC Medications For Dogs.

Do What Is Best For Your Dog
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I have suggested a few things for your information. Keep in mind, a Veterinarian has an extensive education to know what is best for your dog. Some things may not need that kind of attention and the vet is not cheap. Please use this information in a way that is best for your dog.

Vaccinations should be kept up to date for your health and the dog. Some regular medications are available online. You can use certain OTC medications for simple ailments. Please make sure your are fully informed and understand the dogs symptoms before doing so.

There is a wide variety of products at Entirely Pets to ease a number of ailments for you dog. Please visit their site to help make you dog happy and healthy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Chad,

    I think this article was really good and insisting that unless you know otherwise medications should be administered by the vets who are trained to know better. 

    This is really important information to share especially as more people have pets and this can sometimes be expensive especially if your dog is poorly. I know I would not even attempt getting medication online and here you have set out exactly why. Your knowledge and experience will help many people to beware of going online for medications as you do not know their full effect which could do more harm for your animal.

    Best regards


    • That is just it Imelda, 

      People love their dogs! I am here to help them understand how to improve their lives together. Vets are expensive, but there is a reason why. They know what they are doing. i have a friend who is one and he helps me with a lot of this information. 

      Thank you!


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