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After all that playtime, they have to rest

Furhaven Dog Beds

These are not your run-of-the-mill cheap dog bed. Some of these do carry a bit of a price tag. They range from about $20 to just over $200 but I can assure you these are all premium dog beds. Furhaven, in my opinion, makes the best dog bed out there. I have posted a great deal of information on this site for these beds because I think they are the best. You can review some of this information here at Dog Gone Time For Bed.

They have all kinds of doggie beds. From the smallest doughnut bed to the goliath for extra large dogs. They have ones that keep your dog warm and even varieties that help cool them off if they already run hot. If you are looking for an outdoor dog bed, they make those too.

Not Just The Best, The Selection Is Huge

One of the reasons I have chosen Furhaven Dog Beds is they have a bed for every dog. You can click on any of their links or banners on this page to go to their site. There you will see you have a large selection to choose from. Once you have decided to check this out and land on their page through this site you will be able to choose specifically for your coolest dog on the planet.

Here is a list of what you will be able to choose from:

  • Sofa Style
  • Classic Cushion Bed
  • Goliath
  • Oval & Cup
  • Hide Away & Burrows
  • For Kennels & Crates
  • indoor/Outdoor
  • Cot Beds

Seems Overwhelming

It is a lot of choices, I assure you it is not to worry. You might be thinking what if I don’t get the right one? What if it doesn’t fit my dog? like I said, no worries. We have your back. If you have read my post Dog Gone Time For Bed you will have a better understanding of what to think about before choosing.

After you go to the Furhaven Site from a link on this page, you can browse through the menu and take a look at a couple just to see how nice they are but then scroll all the way to the bottom. In the footer menu, you will find in the information section What’s Your Dog’s Best Bed Quiz. Take the quiz. It will ask you questions about your dog that will help identify their needs and help you choose one the dog is sure to love!

Wait There’s More

If you do go to Furhaven from this site, as an affiliate I can offer you a discount. Get $10 off orders $100 or with code SAVE10. This can save you money while getting the absolute best bed for the dog that you love!

Not Done Yet, There Is Still More

I have mentioned the greatness of the beds at Fuhaven. I will let you know they also provide other quality products. Being a family-owned business and genuinely caring about what they put on their website, all of the products they sell have the highest quality you can find in one place.

They also carry items for Home & Travel, Accessories, and Extra Parts. Yes, extra parts! If you have a pooch that is a bit destructive, with Furhaven beds, you won’t have to buy a whole new bed every time the dog decides it’s time for a new one. You can buy extra parts for the one you have.

Furhaven Dog Beds

In my opinion, these are the best you can find as far as dog beds. They have a selection to cover all dogs out there and they are made to last. My dogs love them and yours will too!

Thank you for your support and for loving your dogs! I am trying to help all the coolest dogs on the planet!


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  1. Hey Chad, it was awesome reading your article on dog’s bed and to know how much you loved them by the way you take care of their needs. This I know that the dogs will surely love you and will always want to be in your company. Not only will the dogs love you, but the owners also whenever they come across this article. You portrayed a great sense of care when you reach out to search for the best dog’s bed; again, by this act, the dogs will surely love you. You did not just speak about dogs’ beds in your article, but you recommend the best quality ones. Thanks!
    By this article, I will purchase the best dogs’ bed
    Ainsworth Dickenson

    • Hello Ainsworth,
      I do love my pups! They are spoiled too! I hope others can find my site so I can help as many of the coolest dogs on the planet! It is amazing how much dogs love to sleep in their own bed if given the opportunity to own one. I am here to tell you, FurHaven dog beds are the best!

  2. Thanks Chad for this insightful post. I can sense that you’re a dog lover and know how to treat your pets and spoil then. Furhaven dogs are definitely premium dogs and I love them. I like the fact that you can almost always get a bed size for your pet and its quite easy to make your order. Thanks for offering a discount on any order for my pet dog.

    • Hey Jude,

      I am glad you have found this site. I do spoil my dogs! Anyone who gets a Furhaven dog bed will be spoiling their dogs too! 

      It is great to be able to offer discounts at times through affiliation with the manufacturer. I do receive a small commission for each sale from this website but does not cost you any more. Ordering from here spoils your dog and helps me help all the coolest dogs on the planet! 



  3. Hi Chad, I like your website for dog beds. My daughter has a large dog who is getting older. She had a hard time getting comfortable on her spot in the living room. The dog, probably has a bit of arthritis hip problems . So a foam bed would probably be the thing that she would need. The Orthopedic Foam bed would probably be the best one for her. Thanks for bringing this site to my attention. The price points are not bad, you do have a variety of prices to choose from. All the best.

    • Hi Carolyn, 

      I can say from experience, dogs love these beds! It is my opinion is, they are the best. As you said, the prices are very comparable to any other beds out there and the selection, quality, and customer service are better than the rest!

      Thanks for sharing, I hope your daughter finds what she needs to care for and spoil her coolest dog on the planet.



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