Can You Keep Up With Your Dog

Greyhound in a full run.

RUNNING WITH A DOG THAT PULLS… AND EVERYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT RUNNING WITH DOGS I want to start off with a little disclaimer, I am not a runner, I am not a vet or a medical pro or a nutritionist or a trainer or anything other than a writer who has had … Read more

When The Whistle Doesn’t Work

Dog playing with owner

TEACH YOUR DOG TO COME WHEN CALLED I have been working with Cooper out in the yard. We were doing recall training–that is, working on getting him to come when called–and making a super fun game of it. It’s one of Cora’s most favorite games, she’s gotten good at it in the last year. Cooper, not so … Read more

Teach Kids To Take Care Of Pets

Little girl hugging a husky.

HOW TO TEACH YOUR KIDS TO TAKE CARE OF PETS In the last article, I wrote about Speaking Dog and how they communicate with us. In an effort to continue helping the coolest dogs on the planet have a much more fulfilling life amongst us people, I thought it would be good to instill the good habits … Read more

Does Fish Oil Benefit Dogs?

A scale with question marks.

CAN DOGS HAVE FISH OIL? Does a cat like fish? Recently, I had a conversation with my doc about vitamins. The only one, according to the doctor, that really mattered? Fish oil. I’m not convinced of that because I’m also not convinced we all eat a well-rounded enough diet. I give everyone in my family–human … Read more

Can You Trust Me?

Spaniel Puppy

WHO DO YOU TRUST FOR PET ADVICE ONLINE? Hello, friends! I’m coming to you today with a question. Or, more accurately, I’m coming to you today with a request for a discussion. Let me explain… I spend a ton of time researching things about dogs, answering questions about dogs, sharing information and suggestions for dogs, … Read more

I Know You Want to Take A Walk

Workout Partner, dog with dumb bell and towel.

ALL THE MOTIVATION YOU NEED: YOUR DOG IS YOUR BEST WORKOUT PARTNER Hello and thank you for coming to read this article! I want to share a few things that I have been challenged within my life. the first one happens to everyone. Every day, we get older. Well, I have more of those days … Read more

Winter Hiking With Your Dog

Yorkie making yellow snow

HIKING WITH DOGS: WINTER SAFETY LOOKING AHEAD We love to get outside all year round, and we live in Indiana–it gets cold! and dark! and snowy! It is almost 90 degrees out at the time I am writing this so a winter storm might seem refreshing! Probably not so much if you hadn’t thought about … Read more