The Season Is Upon Us!

Dog with Santa hat

‘Tis the season for giving, don’t forget the coolest dogs on the planet! Here you can find the best online Christmas shopping deals and cyber deals for your dog. I will list several here for you to choose from. As an affiliate, I can offer you extraordinary offers from Entirely Pets, Embark, PetFlow, Furhaven, and Chewy. … Read more

A Chewy Deal Your Dog Can Chew On

Christmas Dogs

The season is upon us and we can’t forget about the coolest dogs on the planet. Christmas Gifts For Dogs I am sure you are well aware of what time it is. ‘Tis the season and you can’t forget about the ones you love! Yep, your pups! If you are going to get gifts for … Read more

A Few Tips For Training Your Dog

Super Dog

Leaps and bounds in getting your dog’s attention. Training Your Dog I think most people are under the same impression I was when I started this out. I have had a dog or more my entire life. They were all different in their own ways. Just like everyone else I had the desire for the … Read more

Unique Dog Training Course

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Are you looking for a way to train your dog or puppy? Online Training Course I have been reluctant to write an article on training your dog. There is so much information on how to train your dog and it is all really similar. I have always thought, with repetition, rewards, and having fun I … Read more

Benefits To Owning A Dog

Woman Holding Large Dog

Don’t underestimate the benefits of owning a dog! If You Have Never Owned A Dog How can you know what you are missing? Has social engagement been an issue lately? This whole COVID thing got you down? Or anything else has you feeling like there is something missing? There are so many things that owning … Read more

Pet Adoption Is On The Rise

Despite the COVID pandemic, pet adoption is still on the rise. Best Companion Pets Everyone is probably aware of the pandemic that hit in early 2020. Some of the things we have had to change and adjust the way we operate in normal day to day activities is slowly becoming normal. There have been a … Read more

Dog Gone Time For Bed

No matter how your dog sleeps, there is a unique dog bed for that. Dogs Come In All Shapes And Sizes If you have read any other articles on this site, you would see the trend here. My goal is to help people see what it is that would make life better for their coolest … Read more

Hills Science Diet Review

Hills Dog Food

This Hills Dog Food review should help you understand why I recommend this brand. What Brings Me To Hills If you have visited this site before, you may have read some earlier posts. I have covered, the best way to feed a dog, when to feed a dog, how many times you should feed your … Read more

List Of Foods A Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Food that is bad for dogs. Again, Our Dogs Are Family Too Once again we are on a topic that is often overlooked and regularly unintentionally abused or misused because of the fact we consider our pets as a member of the family. You wouldn’t exclude your children from enjoying their favorite food at a … Read more