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Dog Bed

No matter how your dog sleeps, there is a unique dog bed for that.

Dogs Come In All Shapes And Sizes

If you have read any other articles on this site, you would see the trend here. My goal is to help people see what it is that would make life better for their coolest dog on the planet.

It is difficult to cover any one specific need so I try to provide information you should consider when selecting the best product for your pooch.

In this article, I am going to cover a few things you should look into before selecting a unique dog bed for your little buddy. I know they are tired from all that exercise they got when you were playing with them.

Whether you have a new puppy or a life long friend. Whether you have the pocket pooch or the dog that looks more like a pony. There is a bed available that fits your dog.

What Bed To ChooseFurHaven Pet Products

There are so many varieties to choose from. That is where I can help. I have found a wonderful company that makes dog beds to fit whatever your dog may need.

Consider the age, if you have a new puppy you may want a small, waterproof dog bed that is easily washable.

If you have that pony for a dog, you may need a dog bed for large dogs.

Maybe your friend has been around for a while and could use some extra support to relieve those aching muscles and joints. They could require an orthopedic dog bed.

In any case, FurHaven has the one your dog needs!

Before You Choose


There are a few things you should know about your dog before you just go buy a bed.

Obviously, look at the size. A Great Dane will not fit on a pillow sized bed. That one is easy.

Next, you should take a little time to watch your dog sleep. I know, creepy right. You should pay attention though to how they sleep.

When they lay down, do they sprawl out and take up as much room as possible? Do they curl up in a tiny little ball? Do they need something to cuddle up with? Maybe you have a borrower. It could be they won’t lay down anywhere unless there is something to lay their head-on. Some of them just like to dangle from the bed.

If you pay attention to these habits, it can help you decide on a bed that your dog will actually love.

FurHaven Dog Beds

The dog beds I am referring to are made by FurHaven Pet Products. This is a family-owned business, established in 2004. They have developed their products from real-life experiences with their own pets. They have built these products with the understanding that pets are family too.

Focusing on the beds they make, I have researched many of them. The reviews are outstanding! I have looked at other research tools and they have nothing but high marks. These dog beds have been labeled in Forbes review as the best all-around product.

Furhaven has beds for all sizes of dogs. They make them to cover any of your dog’s needs. There are over 1000 varieties to choose from.

Once you have identified your dog’s needs, you can pick and choose from the customizable options when ordering. You start off by choosing the style your dog would like. Then some other choices include different foams and fabrics. You can make these beds to match your dog and your home.

Few Things To Remember

Before you purchase, there are a few things to remember. Evaluate your dog. By size, age, and specific sleeping habits. This will help you choose.

Is your dog is a Sprawler – You may need a bit larger bed. I would recommend the Sofa or Classic Cushion style.

If they like to curl up in a ball or snuggle up – You may consider a Donut Bed.

Maybe you have one that likes to prop their head on something – I suggest the Sofa or Contour styles.

You have one of those small ponies – they make one for them too, the Goliath Bed these are made up to 60″ x 48″.

Other Options

Now that you are choosing your style and design. What are the other options? The mattress itself. There are four different foams to chose from. All are non-toxic and made with non-ozone depleting processes. I will list them below.

  • Fiber Pillow, a high lofting fiber is great for shaping and nestling in to. Making it comfy for those dogs that just can’t seem to find that perfect spot.mattressfill-fiber-convoorthojm-.jpg
  • Orthopedic Foam, supports the joints and alleviates pain by reducing pressure points. A good selection for any dog with joint issues.
  • Memory Foam, a medical-grade foam that supports well to relieve aching muscles and joints. This would be a good selection for any active dog.mattressfill-memory-cooling.jpg
  • Cooling Gel Foam, actually reduces surface by a few degrees. Good for those dogs with longer hair or one that just runs hot all the time.

So How Do You Know

Alas, if you are still unsure of what to get. They make this one easy. Take the Quiz! After you click on any of the links on this page to get to the FurHaven page, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and in the footer menu under the Information section, look for What Is Your Dogs Best Bed Quiz, it asks a few questions about your pup then suggests a style to browse.

Now that you have a style, you can choose things like color, size, sleep surface, and mattress type as listed above.

Get The Best Bed For Your Dog

You have the fundamental thoughts and ideas on how to choose a bed for your pooch. Now it is time to buy. I have done a lot of research and have shared this one with you in hopes to make the lives better for all the coolest dogs on the planet.

If you would like to do more investigating you can look online at some of the many options out there. There are a lot! I have looked at so many of them and found this to be the best for your dog and saved you some time in looking.

Please, when you decide, come to and select a link to go to FurHaven and purchase through this site. I do get a small commission to compensate the time I have spent doing this research and it doesn’t cost you any more than buying direct. In fact, in some cases, I can offer discounts through affiliation.
As always, I would love to have a pic to post in the gallery. Please visit the page to see how to get them to me.

For all the coolest dogs on the planet,


18 thoughts on “Dog Gone Time For Bed”

  1. Omg this is adorable. I’m so glad I ran into this site! My brother is about to move in with his dog and I honestly love that dog more than he does hahaha. I’m gonna be spoiling the heck out of her. Thank you for this article and for your website overall! I’ve learned a lot!!

    • Misael, 

      I am glad to hear you will be having a dog in your life soon! They truly do improve one’s happiness. There may be moments that you would prefer to not have, chewing, messes, and such. If one pays attention to the dog’s needs those times can be reduced through proper care and playing. 

      Thank you for the comment and please come back, I will be posting more useful information as time goes by. 


  2. For dog lovers, it’s very helpful reading through this article, I like how you’ve taken it upon yourself to help others see the coolest things in their dogs and hope this helps too.. its always adorable to see a dog sleep and this makes it beautiful. Thai article is of course useful and informative m

  3. Yeah this is really a good typical information that we do not always come across everyday. What you have shared is very invaluable to we dog owners. Knowing how and what to actually do to help ease them to sleep and also to get them the right bed too can make the whole difference in the long run. Really a worthy one to see here

    • Nath, 

      I didn’t really leverage one aspect in this article that I probably should. Some folks have an issue with their dog sleeping in bed with them. I have one of these beds in our bedroom and now the large one I have prefers to sleep on his bed. Makes it a bit easier for me to sleep with the extra legroom.



  4. Hi Chad, I haven’t had a dog at home for 15 years and your article has revealed a sophistication in rest facilities for dogs that didn’t exist at that time. The habits or forms of rest that each dog has and that you recommend observing to find the best bed, I find it extremely interesting in your article. I think it will be of great help to your readers who want to provide their pets with a good bed to rest. Congratulations on your seller article.

    • Juan, 

      Thanks for visiting, that is my goal to reach out and improve the lives of as many of the coolest dogs on the planet!

      Talk about sophistication, you should check out the article on pet adoption. It has been 15 years, you are about due for a dog. There is also some info on dog DNA testing in there too. Amazing how far we have come with some things as the human race. 


  5. Hello Chad, it’s not always easy to put some digs to bed and for me, it’s always a fight for her to sleep and there are times she wakes up and starts walking around the house. I really can’t say what the cause of issue could be but I suspect she is uncomfortable and I’ll look to get her another bed. 

    • Hey Justin, 

      I do understand the troubles one can have if a dog isn’t ready for bed. I have to good sized ones that for some reason think that “go to bed” means time to play. They always have that sudden burst of energy they have to extinguish before they actually lay down. 

      I will say dogs like regular. They always react better if bedtime id the same time. I am guessing that a more comfortable bed would do wonders too! 

      Spoil your pup!

  6. It’s important to give your dog the best comfort that they deserve and this applies to the bed that they sleep. I remember a friend who used to lay sheets down for his dog, now I’m not saying he was wrong but I think this was especially why the dog jumped into his bed every night. Just as we feel discomfort lying on the hard cold floor so do they. 

    • Too true my friend. 

      Furhaven even makes special ones from medical grade materials for orthopedic relief for older dogs or ones who have joint issues too. 

      As you said, it is just more comfortable also. That would help to improve the life of one of the coolest dogs on the planet.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks so very much for this well presented and enlightening article!

    I actually didn’t know that dogs do have beds of their own. Forget my ignorance. But I am certainly not alone in this ignorance, because I have a friend who is renting a room in a home. There are dogs that sleep all over the place, much to the discomfort of my friend who doesn’t like dogs, and the frustration of the host who wouldn’t want to lose rent.

    Now I am going to suggest they look into acquiring beds for the two dogs.

    Thanks and regards.

    • Teboho, 

      Please feel free to share the webpage! Help them to understand the basic habits of the dogs to help better choose a bed that they will love and use. Just because an owner buys a bed for a dog doesn’t mean the dog will like it. You will stand a better chance if you purchase something that suits their desire.

      Good luck to you in helping improve the lives of the coolest dogs on the planet. Even if it’s not your dogs!

  8. Such a cute subject and one I wrestled with a few months back. Like yourself, I did some research and found that there were lots of options. I wish that I had found this article as I bought a donut for my small guy who loves to snuggle and he didn’t like the feel of it but my friend’s little dog loved it so I gave it to them.

    Thanks for all the great ideas as I will now contact this company and have one made for him as he is a fussy fellow. For now, he is sleeping on my bed, cheeky chap.

    • Hi Lily, 

      I know what I am about to say isn’t the best sales pitch for dog beds…

      I am currently laid up from surgery on my ankle. As I sit here in my bed with my laptop, I have three dogs piled up with me! I absolutely love to cuddle with them. That is part of what having a dog is all about. 

      I will say, They still have to have their own bed. I know my Cooper is one who runs hot naturally. He almost always gets up in the middle of the night and gets in his cooling gel bed. He loves to cuddle but also loves his own bed. We also have a contour bed in the living room. It is the largest one you can get and there have been times where all three dogs are curled up together.

      I wish you and yours the best!



  9. Hello there, Chad! Wow, this is really awesome. I did not know there were so many types of beds with different qualities for dogs. I personally don’t own a dog (yet) but I do plan on getting one some day. I imagine that they keep our daily lives a bit more interesting and also another companion to be added to the family! I’ll be sharing this article with a few friends of mine who already own a pet dog. Thanks for creating this post!

    • Hi Mike, 

      I really thank you for sharing this post! I do believe these are the best dog beds on the market!

      I did notice the possibility of you getting a dog. I hope you do! Here are a few links with information to help you before you chose a new member of your family.

      Benefits To Owning A Dog

      How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Really Need

      There is so much more information on this site that could help one choose a dog. I really recommend the one about exercise. It gives a little insight into things you should consider about the bread you are going to choose to match your lifestyle.

      Good luck to you my friend!



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