Teach Kids To Take Care Of Pets

Little girl hugging a husky.

HOW TO TEACH YOUR KIDS TO TAKE CARE OF PETS In the last article, I wrote about Speaking Dog and how they communicate with us. In an effort to continue helping the coolest dogs on the planet have a much more fulfilling life amongst us people, I thought it would be good to instill the good habits … Read more

Can You Trust Me?

Spaniel Puppy

WHO DO YOU TRUST FOR PET ADVICE ONLINE? Hello, friends! I’m coming to you today with a question. Or, more accurately, I’m coming to you today with a request for a discussion. Let me explain… I spend a ton of time researching things about dogs, answering questions about dogs, sharing information and suggestions for dogs, … Read more

I Love My Dogs!

Two Doodles Laying On The Floor

I Love My Dogs! But, really, to say that I love my dogs would be an understatement. They bring so much joy to our family with their fun and excitement. They are one of the best things in my life, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep them healthy and happy. Showing them how … Read more