Pet Adoption Is On The Rise

Pug behind bars.

Despite the COVID pandemic, pet adoption is still on the rise. Best Companion Pets Everyone is probably aware of the pandemic that hit in early 2020. Some of the things we have had to change and adjust the way we operate in normal day to day activities is slowly becoming normal. There have been a … Read more

Dog Gone Time For Bed

Terrier burrowed in blanket

No matter how your dog sleeps, there is a unique dog bed for that. Dogs Come In All Shapes And Sizes If you have read any other articles on this site, you would see the trend here. My goal is to help people see what it is that would make life better for their coolest … Read more

Hills Science Diet Review

Hills Dog Food

This Hills Dog Food review should help you understand why I recommend this brand. What Brings Me To Hills If you have visited this site before, you may have read some earlier posts. I have covered, the best way to feed a dog, when to feed a dog, how many times you should feed your … Read more

List Of Foods A Dog Shouldn’t Eat

peach seeds

Food that is bad for dogs. Again, Our Dogs Are Family Too Once again we are on a topic that is often overlooked and regularly unintentionally abused or misused because of the fact we consider our pets as a member of the family. You wouldn’t exclude your children from enjoying their favorite food at a … Read more

Safe OTC Medications For Dogs

Know what Over The Counter (OTC) products you are giving your dog before you give it to them. Dogs Are Family Too    I know when it comes to our dogs, they are considered a family member in our house. They do everything with us. I don’t even run to the local market without one … Read more

Recall On Dog Food

FAMILY PET Meaty Cuts I am not writing a complete blog here, just wanted to share some info. Sunshine Hills Inc. had made a voluntary recall on some dog food that has been found to be released with high bacteria content. Mold growing in the byproduct known as Aspergillus flavus has the potential to make … Read more

Pet Vaccinations

What you need to know about dog vaccinations. Things All Dog Owners Should Know I say that like it is common knowledge. The truth is it is not. Some of the things discussed in this article will be familiar to some. Through experiences or talking with someone who has had these experiences. When it comes … Read more

A Dogs Favorite Past Time Can Actually Help Them

A Dogs Favorite Pastime Can actually Help Them Chew, Chew, Chew Do you have one of those dogs that chews on everything? Even if you don’t, I have never seen a dog that wouldn’t chew on something. That’s what they do! I was once asked, do you know why dogs chew on sticks? The reply … Read more