List Of Foods A Dog Shouldn’t Eat

Food that is bad for dogs.

Again, Our Dogs Are Family Too

Once again we are on a topic that is often overlooked and regularly unintentionally abused or misused because of the fact we consider our pets as a member of the family. You wouldn’t exclude your children from enjoying their favorite food at a barbecue, would you?

Sometimes our dogs are our children. The thing that a lot of folks overlook even though they love them and want to make them happy is, there is a lot of human food that is dangerous for dogs. Although, there are some people food that is safe for dogs.

Things That Are Proven To Be Bad

I believe there are several of these items that are pretty commonly known to be very bad for dogs. I will provide a list of things that you should know to never give a dog and a brief description of why.

Starting with one that is probably the most commonly known.

  • Chocolate: A very tasty treat, one of my favorites! Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine. Those are the two chemicals that dogs cannot metabolize as people can. These two by themselves are harmful to dogs but together they are double trouble. If a dog eats chocolate it can do irreversible damage to its heart, liver, and digestive tract. This can possibly ultimately lead to death.
  • Fruit Pits: Yes, fruit pits and seeds. It is OK to give them fruit. The flesh or meat of the fruit but not the seeds. Some of them contain small amounts of cyanide. Seems strange that it is OK for people to eat, doesn’t it? It really isn’t, we do process the chemicals better than dogs but if you ate enough of it, it would do the same to you.
  • Alcohol: As tempting as it may be, why wouldn’t we let the dog join the party? Alcohol is highly toxic to dogs. Vomiting is the first response. It can also cause tremors and difficulty with breathing. Too much can be fatal.
  • Garlic and Onions: All varieties are toxic to dogs. These actually break down the red blood cells. Creates blood in the urine. Not good! So, one should take extra caution at what is fed to the dog at the barbecue! Mustard is also bad.
  • Artificial Sweeteners: A majority of these contain Xylitol. This product will cause excessive insulin release and cause the liver to break down.
  • Nuts: I was surprised by this one. Nuts are usually a good source of protein. They are high in fat though. So high it will build up and turn into toxic waste for a dog. Macadamia nuts are especially bad. They can cause paralysis in dogs.
  • Grapes and Raisins: I can’t tell you how many times I have given a dog a grape. Had I known, that would not have happened. It was never in any quantity. Apparently, grapes and raisins have a mystery compound that causes kidney failure.
  • Bones: WHAAAT! That goes against everything I thought I knew about dogs. Dogs are known for chewing bones. They have pretty tough digestive systems and their ancestors probably survived by eating them. Dogs for the most part are domesticated now and have lost some of that ability. They can chew on bones, but it is hard on teeth and can cause issues in the digestive system. Raw bones are better. Never cooked or any bone from any type of bird. They can splinter and cause serious issues. Best Bully Sticks are the safest alternative.

Now That You Know

I have to say, I have made some mistakes. I want people to know, almost all of these will not cause too much damage in small amounts. It is not like if you give a dog one macadamia it will be paralyzed the next day. I have seen dogs that have been given small amounts of beer on a regular basis and they have lived long happy lives.

The main thing is, just like kids, they are going to get into things if they have access to them. Now that you know, it may help to identify a few things that should be kept out of reach. Dogs do not know these things are bad for them. It is up to us to help keep the coolest dogs on the planet safe!

Keep Coming Back

You now have a list of things that dogs should really never have. I intend to write an article soon on things that are good for dogs. It would be great to share this information with you too!

If you are in the need of things you can feed your pups, check out the Nourishment page.

As always, I would love to have a picture of your coolest dog on the planet to post in the gallery! Please check it out, you can email me a cool shot of your pups!

Thank you!


8 thoughts on “List Of Foods A Dog Shouldn’t Eat”

  1. Another interesting article for me and will prepare me for my dog which I am getting in a few months so I am doing as much research as possible for the arrival.

    This is such a long list of foods that should not be given to dogs which is incredible so I am pleased I have read and again passed to other people. What most surprised me was bones as I really thought this would be good for dogs so thanks for opening my eyes. 

    Again, so much useful information especially all the description and reasons as to why certain foods are harmful.

    Thank you 

    • Imelda, 

      I think you have given me an idea, I am going to make a printable chart to add to this post. I have one on my fridge just to remind me of things they can or can’t have and how much. 

      Thank you for your participation and when you get your dog, come back if you have questions. I will be glad to help!

  2. It is so good that you made this list because so many persons have made the mistake of giving their pets food they should not eat. I remember many years ago I give my dog some cheese doodle to eat and everything seems to just find until my do started vomiting which was not good so let’s not give our dog foods especially snacks that we eat to keep them healthy.

    • Thanks Norman, 

      I think the one that surprised me the most was nuts. Those are what I thought were a healthy snack for us, now we know not so much for dogs.

      Just lookin’ out for the coolest dogs on the planet!


  3. I love this article. Such a great read! And this is information that everyone needs to know.

    To be honest… Your Introduction had me instantly hooked. Dogs are indeed a part of our families, a large part of our families. So we should know exactly how to care for them properly.

    The information in your article is outlined expertly! I had no problem understanding the information you presented.

    I was thrown back by this…

    “Bones: WHAAAT! That goes against everything I thought I knew about dogs.” – Mind blown….

    Best regards,


    • Thank you Jordan for your kind words. I have actually had an issue with a dog and a bone that did not end well. I do not want anyone to have to deal with that. I am here to help all the coolest dogs on the planet!

      Be good my friend!

  4. I learned a lot from the article. Big up! My lil brother is planning on getting a dog as a pet. Your article really instilled some fruitful cons when it comes to food for dogs. The bones part really had my eyes widened… lol Thanks for the heads up. It’s best to say one should stick to approved formulated dog food and keep human formulated food amongst the specie. 

    • Hello Ezra, 

      I have two dogs now that have never had scraps from the table. I have had dogs before that have. It is better for both to never start. Yes they can smell the delicious food on the table but don’t think they can have it so they don’t miss it. 

      Tell Lil bro, to stick to what they are supposed to have and it is easier from the start. 



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