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This Hills Dog Food review should help you understand why I recommend this brand.

What Brings Me To Hills

If you have visited this site before, you may have read some earlier posts. I have covered, the best way to feed a dog, when to feed a dog, how many times you should feed your dog, and types of dog food.

If you would like to visit those posts they can be found in the side bar menu. Or you can scroll through them on the home page at groomydude.com.

My goal in writing this review is to give you some back ground on what brings me to Hills Dog Food. The intent of this site is to provide information to help people know what they need to improve the well-being of the coolest dogs on the planet.


First, I would like to start of with a bit of history on Hills dog food company. Hills was started in the early 1900s by Dr. Mark Morris Sr. He was asked by a blind man with a seeing eye dog whose kidneys were failing for help. From that experience Dr. Morris Sr. realized nutrition could help improve the lives of dogs w/ health conditions.

From there he became a visionary in the area of Clinical Nutrition for Pets. He was then followed by Dr. Mark Morris Jr. who is considered the father of Small Animal Wellness Nutrition.


Since then, Hills has been committed to providing pet nutrition that meets and exceeds the guidelines of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). As suggested in one of my posts, no matter what dog food you buy, you should look for the AAFCO stamp.

With this commitment, Hills has grown to be one of the top pet nutrition providers. Now housing a staff of PhD’s of nutrition, over 200 scientists, and 900+ dogs and cats.

Through compassionate and noninvasive methods, they continue to be the best. Hills is the number one veterinary suggested dog food.

My Take On This Dog Food

I think it tastes great! Just kidding! I have not personally eaten the dog food. I do give it to three of the coolest dogs on the planet.

I have provided above the research I have done for this article but before that, I researched for what I could provide for my dogs that would be the best for their health. What I was looking at is highlighted below.

You can see they use Omega-6 which is just a nice name for fat. Then the Proteins. Dogs need to have about 5% fat and 10% protein by body weight. The natural fibers help with digestion and how it passes through the dogs body. Not to mention the consitancy of the part you have to clean up.


OK, great! I now have the best dog food I can find for my dogs. So, I feed them the proper amount at the best intervals and they are doing great!

Now I notice the little one is chewing on her feet. When she gets a bath there are spots on her belly that don’t wash off even with good Jax n Daisy shampoo. Low and behold, after all that we find out she has a dog food allergy. Now I have to read the ingredients.

It can be difficult to find dog food for a dog with allergies. It is possible though. Once this was discovered, the vet prescribed Hills Prescription Diet. I have found it is easiest to get through Chewy. They have the wide selection of products in one place. If you set up a new auto ship from here I can save you 30% on your first auto ship order.

The Hills Prescription Diet does require you to enter some information on the pet and the vet so they can verify before shipping. It is prescribed by a Vet. Hmm must be good then.

Check In To It

Of course my intent is to have done the leg work for you and reviewing these products to save you time and money but check it out for your self. Go to Hills Dog Food website. They have a large amount of information that I have not covered in this article.

Just remember to come back and order through Groomy Dude. Even though they have Hills Dog Food coupons on their site, you can still get it just as cheap from here. With the agreement I have with Chewy, you can save money and set up auto ship which you can add or remove items from that list any time. This means no more hauling heavy bags from the store. It is dropped off right at your door. EASY!!

Now Do It

You have the information, do what is best for your dog! I know there are multiple dog foods available but this is the best I have found that is readily available.

There are better alternatives like holistic dog food. Which is great if you have the time, discipline, and know how to make your own food from real food. There is holistic dog food available too. It doesn’t have a very long shelf life. If not eaten soon enough can rot and create bacteria that is harmful to the dog.

My recommendation is to switch to a Hills variety. You know you will be getting a high quality product and your dog will love it.


There are things you should know when it comes to feeding a dog. With this review and visiting my post, What Is The Best Way To Feed A Dog, You should have all the information to improve the life of your coolest dog on the planet!

If you still have questions or would like me to review a product for you, please leave a comment in the section below this article. I will respond and follow up.

Thanks for being interested in taking good care of your pup!



6 thoughts on “Hills Science Diet Review”

  1. As I’m searching for accurate information on the internet for dogs, I found your article and I’m glad I did.

    After a few best friends during my life, I got a new one and I was wondering what type of food would be the best for him as everything is changing and improving and I don’t want to make some same mistakes I might have done with previous best friends.

    My dogs have always been part of my family and I always cared about them, but we do what it should be done when we have them, before we didn’t have much information about what is the best food for dogs and where to get it.

    But today, things are different and we can find accurate information about what is the best food for dogs and we can read about it, just like you’re sharing on your article, as my new best friend is still a young puppy I was wondering if Hill Science has any food for a young puppy, later when he gets older I will get this food for him!

    • Alejandra, 

      I am sooo glad you have a new puppy! It really is amazing how they instantly become a part of our families! 

      They do have a few different varieties specifically for puppies. If you go to https://groomydude.com/nourish… you can click on a Chewy link and browse the choices for puppies. If you do, through this link I can also save you 30% on your first auto ship order and it will be brought straight to your door. EASY!!

      When you are looking at the different foods, look at what you would need for the breed or size of the breed. They balance the protein and fat content to match them by weight and give them the optimum nutrition. 

      Thanks for looking out for one of the coolest dogs on the planet! I would love it if you visit https://groomydude.com/gallery… and send a pic! 

      Hope this helps!


  2. Hello there,

    Thank you very much for your review on the dogfood from Hills Science, I will take that into consideration for my Golden Retriever . Do they have it for puppy’s only? I have another question, what is your take on dogfood without much grains in it? Do you think it is better or is it worse than before ? I see so much choice lately in the stores that it kind of drives me crazy 😉

    Best regards,



    • Hi Lizzy, 

      I am glad you are asking! They do have different foods for puppies. If you click on one of the Chewy links on the nourishment page of groomydude.com, it will take you to a site where you can browse the different varieties they have. I can also save you 30% on your first auto ship order to make it cheaper and easy.

      My take on the foods with less grain… 

      The grain has natural fibers in it. The fibers are what helps determine how they digest it. My concern with grain is the gluten, they do not process it. If a dog can handle a food with less grain with out having the runs all the time it is better for them. The main thing is to check the balance of ingredients to make sure they are getting 10% protein and 5% fat by body weight. All varieties of Hills Science Diet does that math for you.

      Basically, I fell the less grain the better but there is a price during clean up after a puppy. 

      I know what you mean about the choices! That is my goal on this site is to help narrow that down and help folks make a good choice with less effort. 

      I hope this helps! 


  3. Hello Chad, thanks for sharing thsi very useful article because it matters to a lot of us because at a point we all have had the intention of buying a dog and surely lots of us has a dog we have adopted and taking clear of them don’t have to be just cleaning or giving them shelters. Looking closely at what food they eat is very important. I too have learned her and would keep it in mind. 

    • That’s great Justin! I am glad to hear you are looking to make a better life for one of the coolest dogs on the planet! 

      Keep learning and look out for little pup!

      I will continue to write articles, feel free to come back and visit. If you have any questions please ask, I will do my best to help!

      If you do get a pup, visit https://groomydude.com/gallery… and send a pic. I will be glad to post it!




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