Recall On Dog Food


I am not writing a complete blog here, just wanted to share some info.

Sunshine Hills Inc. had made a voluntary recall on some dog food that has been found to be released with high bacteria content. Mold growing in the byproduct known as Aspergillus flavus has the potential to make dogs sick.

No adverse health issues have been reported but they have recalled as a precautionary measure.

The products being recalled are Family Pet Meaty Cuts 4lb./14lb./28lb Beef, Chicken, and Cheese flavors and Happy Life Butcher’s Choice Dog Food in 16lb. bag. These products are sold at Family Dollar and Dollar General stores.

If you have purchased any of these products Contact Sunshine Mills Inc. M-F 7-4 CT at 800-705-2111 or by email

Just lookin out for the coolest dogs on the planet!


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